Youtube Launches Shorter, Skippable Ad Units

A New Way to Optimize Reach

Youtube is expanding options for advertisers by introducing new ‘TrueView for Reach’ ad units. The new ad unit will ensure that advertisers only pay for video ads if they are watched for longer than 30 seconds, if they’re watched until the end, or if viewers are taking action by clicking on elements within the ad. The ‘TrueView for Reach’ units combine the popular in-stream format built on user choice with the efficiency of CPM buying.

Since the launch of Youtube’s Bumper Ads in 2016, advertisers have gotten particularly skilled at creating compelling ads in six seconds. With TrueView for Reach, advertisers can still create bumper-like ads for expanded reach but they can now be skipped after 5 seconds, like all TrueView ads.

Advertisers can now opt for TrueView for View ads, TrueView for Action ads (which allows advertisers to business centric CTA’s), and TrueView for Reach, giving them more flexibility in their campaign strategies.

The company noted in a blog post yesterday,

“In a recent study with Ipsos, we found that people are 3x more likely to pay attention to online video ads vs. television ads.1 And we’re building solutions to help you tap into YouTube’s differentiated reach.”

Promising Outlooks

With an increased popularity in ad free streaming formats like Netflix and Hulu, Youtube understands how vital it is for advertisers to have a platform to capture user’s attentions. With TrueView for Reach, Youtube has given them a more simplified way to get creative and broaden their reach in a constantly evolving media landscape.

The company stated that, “In beta testing 84 TrueView for reach campaigns, 9 out of 10 drove a significant lift in Ad Recall, with an average lift of nearly 20%.” This statistic offers up a positive outlook for advertisers looking to harness the platform for their campaigns.

In the same press release, Samsung stated that they were able to “reach 50%+ more people at half the CPM using TrueView for reach.”

Samsung’s results are promising and as more companies start to opt in to TrueView for Reach, it’s likely that we will see an uptick in the ad option amongst advertisers.