Youtube puts their own spin on Stories with ‘Reels’


Youtube is the latest platform to put their own unique spin on “Stories,” the popular social sharing format introduced by Snapchat. Youtube’s new take is called Reels and it promises to be an engaging and valuable tool that will allow Youtube’s best and most popular creators to improve their community engagement, diversify their video content, and give their profiles a little facelift.

Youtube’s top content creators will be able to create as many bite sized 30-second videos as they want and they can spruce them up with music, filters, text, stickers and links. Unlike Snapchat and Instagram’s “Stories,” Reels are designed specifically for Youtube creators, they will never expire and, according to TechCrunch, they will be accessible under the new community tab on a creator’s profile.

Fans and fellow creators can interact with Reels, the same way they interact with regular videos and creators can also link to full length videos within their Reels. This allows for more creative snippets of full videos and teasers and it also gives Youtuber’s another way to share mini daily vlogs with their fans without having to leave the platform. Roy Livne, Youtube’s Senior Project Manager, announced Reels, on Youtube’s creator blog yesterday with some other news regarding Youtube’s new Community tab. He said,

“Reels are YouTube’s spin on the popular “stories” format, but designed specifically for YouTube creators. We learned that you want the flexibility to create multiple Reels and have them not expire, so we’ll give you those options. We’re also bringing creator-focused features like linking to YouTube videos and YouTube-y stickers. Just like we did with Community, we’ll be experimenting with a beta version of Reels to learn and improve the product before expanding to more creators. Youtube has always been built on connections and community engagement and this new development is a welcome and expected change.”

Since it’s inception back in 2005, Youtube has always been a place where content creators and marketers alike can unleash the full breadth of their creative power and express themselves and their brand freely on an open platform tailored to their own niche audiences.

Despite a larger presence of ads and promotional content, Youtube continues to hold to the value that their platform is about storytelling and connecting with a community of creative video makers across the globe; whether it be through cat videos, daily vlogs, or creative content marketing.

With the growing popularity of Snapchat and other bite-sized video sharing platforms, ‘Reels’ is an unsurprising and expected development. It is not an original format by any means and if it weren’t for the genius of Snapchat, it might not have existed at all. However, it just might be unique and alluring enough to hold it’s own and it has the features needed to give creators a new and lasting way to connect.

‘Reels’ has not yet arrived in beta mode and there’s still no word on when the tool will be released, which creators will get it first, what it means for advertisers and marketers, or how long it will be publically available but once that information is released we’ll be sure to share it.