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Just What the Doctor Ordered


The telehealth landscape is fast becoming as popular and as crowded as any hospital or primary care provider’s waiting room. One burgeoning new entrant to the market came to Relevance hoping to distinguish itself from the pack. Our approach? Strengthen the company’s organic searchability and topical authority, so it can gain a stronger foothold in new service lines—and the industry as a whole—quicker.


Relevance administered an SEO and content audit, using the findings from each to strategically optimize and create content geared toward the client’s desired outcome.


Three years out, the client’s market visibility is thriving. Relevance helped the client create 146 online pieces over three years and saw more than 700 assets and links published in that time. The work led to:

increase in orders/conversions (from 478k to 1.695M)
increase in pageviews on optimized pages (from 789k to 1.7M)
increase in number of terms ranking #1 in Google SERPs (from 327 to 1,500)
increase in number of terms ranking 2-10 in Google SERPs (from 7k to 17k)
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