Online Reputation Repair: The Benefit of Having a Healthy Online Presence for Your Business

Date published: September 22, 2020
Last updated: September 22, 2020

A good reputation is a significant consideration that businesses strive to develop. It might take time to establish a good reputation, but it can be tarnished within a short period. However, this doesn't mean that brands shouldn't do what it takes to establish and maintain a healthy reputation. While it can quickly be tarnished, reputation repair is possible if a company invests in practical management measures. A brand manager might wonder why they should invest in online reputation repair, especially if it requires financing. Here are some of the top benefits of repairing and maintaining a healthy online presence.

Enjoy a loyal following

Building trust isn't a straightforward quest. However, with a good reputation, brands can easily win more followers. Noting that people tend to rely on others to form an opinion, with a good reputation, a brand can build on what others feel and think about them to attract and maintain more followers. As more people turn to online reviews and testimonials over ads, it is crucial to maintain a healthy online presence to build a bigger and better business. From maintaining transparency to listening and responding to customers' concerns, brands can foster healthier relationships and enjoy a significant and loyal following. It doesn't have to be a daunting process; simple measures such as reacting or replying on social media comments could be all it takes to improve a brand's reputation.

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Improved profitability

If a brand can't win their target customer's trust, how can they sell? Winning users' trust is the first step to improving sales revenue, especially noting the first impression's impact. It is easier to sell to people who see a certain brand as a trustworthy business. A reputable business doesn't have to break their bank, pushing their products/services to win more business. Star rating is among the essential measures users utilize before choosing a company. As such, with numerous positive online reviews, a business can secure more business without spending a fortune, consequently improving their profitability. Moreover, a reputable brand can leverage its followers to reach a more extensive customer base, improving the chances of securing more business.

Lower risk

Online reputation repair lowers a business' risk of being pushed out of the market. Poor reputation attracts the wrong attention, earning a brand even worse image. See it as the broken windows theory, where a tarnished image attracts more damaging elements, putting a brand at risk of losing significant business. This translates to more losses, and without substantial reputation repairs, force a business to end their operations as they can't stand the competition.

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Gentler treatment

Even the well-established brands, at times, face damaging considerations such as scandals. With an excellent online reputation, such situations won't significantly affect the brand's operations. People are willing to listen, give them a second chance, and treat the business gentler than they would if the brand didn't have a healthy presence. Such treatment comes in handy in enhancing a brand's continuity since no establishment can run without hitting such snags. What's more, online reputation repair won't be a costly endeavor, and within a reasonable period, the brand can regain its good standing.

Attract the right talent

A brand's employees are its ambassadors. Attracting the best talent is easier with a good reputation since more people are willing to work in a company sharing similar core values. Apart from attracting and maintaining the right talent, a good reputation keeps them motivated as they work towards common goals. A productive workforce, or lack thereof, can make or break a business' endeavors. This means that with a good reputation and the right talent, companies can comfortably realize their goals and scale new heights as they build a bigger and better venture.

While analyzing consumption behaviors in today's online-oriented world, it is clear that over 80% of consumers turn to online reviews before making a decision. A brand can accumulate considerable positive reviews and ratings with a healthy online presence, helping them capture a significant customer base. They can also easily win more business, especially noting that they can turn cold visitors into active customers based on the appealing standing. Therefore, investing in effective reputation management strategies can't be stressed enough, a key concern as brands strive to enhance their reach and profitability.

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