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Website designing is all about giving your client something they need. This is the only way to keep them coming back for more. To do this you need to know what your target audience is…
Website Designing Trends That Will Dominate 2019
  • 136
  • 01/18
  • Catherine Park
Mistakes make man perfect, but why repeat the same when in this digital era you can know what are they and how you can avoid them (until you are making a new one, then you’re…
7 eCommerce Mistakes to Avoid and How to Deal With It
  • 80
  • 01/09
  • Rakesh Jain
The end of the year is fast approaching. Consequently, it is time for brand marketers to take stock of the return on investment (ROI) of their 2018 marketing spend. This assessment, in turn, will provide…
PPC: What Should Marketers Consider in 2019
“You’re paying for the brand” is a phrase far too common (to the point of it becoming a cliché). From Louis Vuitton handbags to iPhones, this modern-day saying seems to be applied on everything. Nothing…
PPC: What Should Marketers Consider in 2019
  • 190
  • 01/02
  • Roman Daneghyan
Ever since the dawn of the social media age, marketers have been in an ongoing race to capitalize on the vast audiences now found on a variety of social platforms. Of course, there’s one social…
As Teens Flee Facebook, Marketers Should Turn to Snapchat
  • 223
  • 12/13
  • Philip Piletic
There are few if any technological platforms that have captured the public imagination, and public adoption, more than social media. A study by Statista predicts that social media networks in total will capture a staggering…
5 Tips to Nail a Product Launch on Social Media
  • 230
  • 12/12
  • Jen McKenzie
TIP #1: “Follow influencers movements and pitch a similar contribution to the same websites they appear on, here is a cool hack to find sites your influencers have been mentioned on using one of my…
Internet Marketing Tips For 2019 Revealed By Top Online Marketers
  • 633
  • 12/11
  • Paul Granger
LinkedIn is one of the oldest social networks in the world. Today, it boasts of more than 600 million registered accounts, of which more than half are active. Business professionals around the world use LinkedIn…
4 Reasons You Should Use LinkedIn As A B2B Marketer
  • 341
  • 11/28
  • Steven Garland
When it comes to your marketing campaigns, arguably no element is more important than that of audience analysis. Why? Understanding precisely who is buying your products or patronizing your services is essential to creating promotional…
Leveraging Social Media Data to Create Robust Buyer Personas
  • 183
  • 11/12
  • Courtney Myers
Whether you’re looking for an amazing coffee place in the heart of Manhattan, or you need to have your hair cut, what is the first thing that you do to begin your quest? You Google…
How to Rank Your Local Business with Local SEO Services
  • 205
  • 11/02
  • Nate Vickery
If you think that Twitter is just for retweets, replies, and followers then walk ahead of it. When marketers say the power of Social Media, one of the platforms they are targeting towards is Twitter.…
2 Simple Steps to Convert Twitter Into Your Lead Generation Tool
  • 971
  • 10/26
  • Namrata Kashyap
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