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Digital PR That Boosts Your Credibility

How we do Digital PR

“As seen in” and “as read in” can be as good as gold when earning public trust. If [insert general business pub here] says they’re good enough, they must be, right? This can be the foundation of any digital PR strategy—making sure your insights are seen by those they can most help.

Our team’s relationships with high-profile titles like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Co., and others are complemented by connections with niche industry pubs. And we combine those relationships with your stated goals to market brands and experts as the answers to the questions their most ardent readers need answered.

What’s our process, you ask? It’s defined by four tenets, all starting with ‘C’:


Starting and stopping is no way to build momentum.

In this case, it’s a surefire way to plague a digital PR strategy with a case of “failure to launch.” For us, that means building a strategy that sometimes prioritizes being seen over where you’re seen.

To readers, consistency warms them with feelings of reliability. If they see you in big business publications or smaller industry ones, they know that you know the lay of the land. We work our networks tirelessly to make sure your insights have homes and are regularly seen, to the point where credibility is steadily built and those PR wins evolve into ones for your business.


Don’t get stuck with the same old approach everyone else is using.

Are you coming to the table with a list of established success metrics? Great! Do you know that you need PR but aren’t sure what’s doable for you in the initial run? Super! The PR approach we build for you is predicated on what you want.

We know digital PR doesn’t play by the same rules for everybody. Needs are different, goals vary, and how we get you to where you want to go won’t be the same for you as it might be for an industry colleague. We drill down to what makes your insights unique, then find the perfect forum to help those takes shine.


Gone are the days of exhausting cold outreach.

A crucial aspect of our approach—and digital PR’s in general—is the old “meet someone halfway” adage. We want you and your expertise to be seen, but we also want to make it easier and more efficient for audiences to be able to do so. 

Unfortunately, traditional PR doesn’t always make that easy. While we will dabble in it from time to time, our goal is to focus on effective, targeted site placements as opposed to cold outreach to journalists and shopping around press releases. 

We lean on our relationships to give editors and their readers what they need, wherever it’s needed.


You can say you’re great, but when someone else says it, people tend to really believe it.

Not only can you build credibility within your industry with digital PR, but you can also build up your expertise when those third-party sources are mentioning you and your brand. You can say you’re great all day long but a third-party source touting your brand is instant credibility you can promote to your audience.

We know Google is all about prioritizing brands that showcase their expertise thanks to those four letters we all keep hearing about: E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness). Digital PR is the helpful boost your expertise may just need.

Build Your Digital PR Strategy

Many digital PR firms will promise you high-profile placements and ROI. What do we promise? That your name will get out there and you'll have assets to use in your sales and marketing. That may be Forbes, that may be an industry site, or it could be in a quarterly publication. What matters is what’s right for you and your credibility is what drives us—and we exhaust our entire digital PR network to put you where you need to be seen.

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