We’re perfectionists — and proud of it

We know: “Good enough” is how the world works. 
But it’s not how we work.

We’ve been called perfectionists, nerds, and pedants. We’ve been told we care too much, even by the people who pay us.

Maybe we do. But we also know it’s what makes us different. We wrestle over Oxford commas and spend hours poring over Google Analytics. And we’re OK with that because our work is better for it.

Don’t worry: We’re more down to earth than we seem on paper. We ride bikes to work. We love a team lunch out. We watch sappy Hallmark movies.

We’re never-content content creators, but we’re also a lot of fun. Get to know us.

Misty Larkins

Misty is the living embodiment of our “work hard, play harder” value. Her Disney themed tattoo sleeve and collection of Jordan 1’s make her arguably the coolest member of the team.

Will Erlandson
Chief Growth Officer

Will loves Broadway shows, lo mein, and his home gym. He lives on a hobby cat ranch with his English-major spouse.

Emma Kessinger

Senior VP of Accounts

Emma is the friendliest introvert you’ll ever meet. Her happy place is cuddling with her two dogs, a good book, and a Starbucks latte.
Alexa White

Director of Search Strategy

Alexa is an Enneagram fanatic and spreadsheet guru. When she’s not geeking out about formulas, you’ll catch her playing with her dog Kota and wearing fuzzy socks.
Kyle Loethen

VP of Growth Strategies

Kyle is a creative, visual thinker, and collaborative team builder who believes big ideas come from anywhere. He has a passion for video, country music, football, and family. Outside of work, you’ll find him at his daughter’s tea parties and living life as an “Instagram Husband.”

Tori Travers
Account Manager

Tori is an avid learner, optimist, and sushi fanatic. She loves music, pop culture, and isn’t afraid to admit she’s a Chiefs bandwagon fan. 

Madison Portell

Senior Account Manager

Madison is a genuine bookworm, animal lover (seriously — she has two dogs AND two ferrets), and a candle maker. She also loves farmers markets, bike rides, and anyone with a dry sense of humor. 

Sara Lahr

Senior Accountant

Sara likes her bank reconciliations to be tidy and her sewing table to resemble a FEMA disaster zone.  She can occasionally be spotted in community theatre productions and loves a bad movie viewing party.

Emma Bentley

Editorial Director

“Bentley,” as she’s known around the office, is snarky and sassy but always classy. She’s often found making to-do lists and wrapped in blankets.
Karen Pasley
Managing Editor

Karen knows her way around an en dash, a cookie press, and a cocktail shaker. And she (mostly) manages to take all the “Karen” memes with good grace. 

Warren Mayer

Managing Editor

Warren makes his movie-viewing decisions based on who wrote the screenplay and gets overly worked up when discussing the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His spare time is filled with his wife, teenage son, and their Goldendoodle, Calvin.

Kirstie Sands
Special Projects Coordinator
Kirstie, also known as “The Jill of All Trades,” is a people person who loves making others laugh. When not managing our office, she’s out trying new foods.
Courtney Burton

Account Manager

Courtney believes having a positive attitude and compassion for others goes a long way. When she’s not in the office, you’re likely to find her spending time with her family, cheering on the Chiefs, or hiking with her THREE dogs, and no, that’s not a typo.

Natalie Spalding

Account Coordinator

To speak in terms of the TV sitcom Parks and Recreation, Natalie has an Andy Dwyer persona with a Leslie Knope soul. She spends the majority of her time doing yoga, trying to revive her plants, and you guessed it, watching Parks and Rec.

Mitchell Smith

Account Coordinator

Mitchell is from Austin, Texas, and he won’t hesitate to let you know. He even has a tattoo to remind you. He comes with a work hard, play hard — and sometimes harder — mentality. He enjoys spending his free time watching movies and hanging with friends.

Mary Jane Swetnam

Content Strategist

Mary Jane is a lifelong learner who believes you can be both a dreamer and an achiever. She often likes to brag about her exceptional time management skills, and is constantly trying to figure out if she can squeeze just one more thing into her schedule.

Aaron Heienickle

Account Coordinator

Aaron, who is originally from Saint Louis, MO, is an avid hiker. He has a crazy boxer at home named Moe, whom he misses very much. Challenge Aaron in a game of chess.

Steven Spadarotto

Account Coordinator

Steven, an outgoing and passionate individual, is — and has always been — a die-hard athlete. After growing up playing various sports, it’s no surprise Steven is a raving sports fan today. Last but not least, Steven also loves food and his dog, Mazie.

Megan O'Leary

Account Coordinator

Megan is a music enthusiast and a coffee lover who wouldn’t survive without her planner. You can always find her watching and rewatching her favorite comfort show, New Girl.

Perfect’s Place in Our Values

If there’s any place where perfectionism actually belongs, it’s in how we treat each other. Our strategic advisor, John Hall, never misses a chance to extol the value of helpfulness.

But just because we care about getting things just right doesn’t mean we’re boring. In fact, we think fun and get-it-right culture bring out the best in each other.

We celebrate and learn from our mistakes, even though we hate to make them. Friday afternoons at the office often include a movie or Skee Ball tournament. Our Slack is full of puns, pets, and plant care tips.

We’re scrappy, tight-knit, and constantly learning. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.