We’ve been called perfectionists, nerds, and pedants. We’ve been told we care too much, even by the people who pay us.

Maybe we do. But we also know it’s what makes us different. We wrestle over Oxford commas and spend hours pouring over Google Analytics. And we’re OK with that because our work is better for it.

Don’t worry: We’re more down to earth than we seem on paper. We ride bikes to work. We love a team lunch out. We watch sappy Hallmark movies.

We’re never-content content creators, but we’re also a lot of fun. Get to know us.

Misty Larkins

Misty Larkins


Misty is the living embodiment of our “work hard, play harder” value. Her Disney themed tattoo sleeve and collection of Jordan 1’s make her arguably the coolest member of the team.

Will Erlandson

Chief Growth Officer

Will is an early riser who values a good morning routine. He likes surfing, udon noodles, white tea, and acoustic guitars.

Emma Kessinger

Emma Kessinger

Senior VP of Accounts

Emma is the friendliest introvert you’ll ever meet. Her happy place is cuddling with her two dogs, a good book, and a Starbucks latte.

Courtney Burton

Courtney Burton

Growth Strategy Manager

Courtney believes having a positive attitude and compassion for others goes a long way. When she’s not in the office, you’re likely to find her spending time with her family, cheering on the Chiefs, or hiking with her THREE dogs; And no, that’s not a typo.


Kendall Lappe

Senior Growth Strategist

Kendall is an energetic problem-solving planner. Outside of work, you can find her planning a happy hour, trying new food with her friends, relaxing by the waterside, or hanging with her 3 cats—Scooter, Evander, and Max— and her dog, Tula. She hates cooking (though she is is quite good at it), loves planning trips, and is obsessed with wolves.

Phoebe Killen

Senior Growth Strategist

Phoebe is open-minded, optimistic and outgoing. A proponent of balance, she enjoys both historical documentaries and trashy reality shows. You can often find her reading, cooking or walking her cat. (Yes, her cat.)


Clayton Osceola

Growth Strategist

Clay is a strong-willed, empathetic, and passionate individual, and the best dog-father to his counterpart Opal. When he’s not working, you can usually find him watching the latest Marvel or Star Wars project, or playing music.

Jordyn Szwargulski

Growth Coordinator

Jordyn is a highly motivated individual who loves connecting with others and striving for success. She has a passion for healthy living and traveling. When she’s not working, you could likely find her traveling to a new destination.

Sara Lahr

Senior Accountant

Sara likes her bank reconciliations to be tidy and her sewing table to resemble a FEMA disaster zone. She can occasionally be spotted in community theatre productions and loves a bad movie viewing party.

Karen Pasley

Karen Pasley

Senior Managing Editor

Karen knows her way around an en dash, a cookie press, and a cocktail shaker. And she (mostly) manages to take all the “Karen” memes with good grace.

Bethany Spitzmiller

Managing Editor

Bethany is most frequently found with her nose in a good book, and she lives for the moments when she finds a typo. She is an avid grammar nerd who typically chooses to opt in for Oxford commas. Aside from punctuation, other passions include traveling, thrift shopping, and board games.

Kirstie Sands

Kirstie Sands

Special Projects Coordinator

Kirstie, also known as “The Jill of All Trades,” is a people person who loves making others laugh. When she’s not managing the office, you can probably find her hobby hopping, traveling, spending time with family, or trying new foods.

Olivia Koenig

Olivia Koenig

Account Coordinator

Olivia is an avid reader and burger lover. You can practically always find her at the gym, or cooking at home. In her free time, Olivia loves to be with her best friend, whose name is also Olivia.

Perfect’s Place in Our Values

If there’s any place where perfectionism actually belongs, it’s in how we treat each other. Our strategic advisor, John Hall, never misses a chance to extol the value of helpfulness.

But just because we care about getting things just right doesn’t mean we’re boring. In fact, we think fun and get-it-right culture bring out the best in each other.

We celebrate and learn from our mistakes, even though we hate to make them. Friday afternoons at the office often include a movie or Skee Ball tournament. Our Slack is full of puns, pets, and plant care tips.

We’re scrappy, tight-knit, and constantly learning. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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