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"Good enough" is how the world works. But it's not how we work.

We're Overachievers - and Proud of It

We've Been Called Perfectionists, Nerds, and Pedants.

We've been told we care too much, even by the people who pay us.

Maybe we do. But we also know it’s what makes us different. We wrestle over Oxford commas and spend hours poring over Google Analytics. And we’re OK with that because our work is better for it.

Don’t worry: We’re more down to earth than we seem on paper. We ride bikes to work. We love a team lunch out. We watch sappy Hallmark movies.

We’re never-content content creators, but we’re also a lot of fun. Get to know us.

Our leadership team

Misty Larkins

Misty Larkins

Misty is the living embodiment of our “work hard, play harder” value. Her Disney themed tattoo sleeve and collection of Jordan 1’s make her arguably the coolest member of the team.

Will Erlandson

Chief Growth Officer
Will is an early riser who values a good morning routine. He likes surfing, udon noodles, white tea, and acoustic guitars.
Emma Kessinger

Emma Kessinger

Chief strategy officer
Emma is the friendliest introvert you’ll ever meet. Her happy place is cuddling with her two dogs, a good book, and a Starbucks latte.

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