Your customer journey is digital by default. If your marketing strategy isn’t, it’s irrelevant.

Relevance isn’t a full-service agency because we believe in focusing on what we’re great at. We develop cutting-edge strategies that go the distance for companies looking to own their industries. We treat every engagement like it’s our brand on the line (because indirectly, it is).
Call us cliche, but we want to make a difference. We champion underdogs and elevate brands that are doing good. We’re not the “right” agency for everyone, and we don’t want to be.

For the clients we do take on, our goal is the simple: top of search, top of mind, and there to stay.

Show Me? Sure.

Here in the Show-Me State, we don’t keep secrets. We do what we do by aligning our clients’ expertise and content strategies with what contributors want to talk about. Some content, we pitch to editors; in other cases; they come to us.

Regardless, we make sure everything we create fits our clients’ strategy. Whether that’s securing quality links to further your search goals or landing a solid press hit to woo investors, your goals are our goals.

Humble though we are, we won’t pretend what we do is easy. Industry ownership is a long road, but we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

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