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authority, credibility, visibility

Growth Marketing for Industry Ownership

Authority, Credibility, Visibility

The operative word in growth marketing is “growth.” But before you go calling us Capt. Obvious, give us a second to explain.

The objective in any growth marketing campaign is to mature with your audience and entrench yourself as a valuable and reliable resource. Where does that value stem from? An ability to adapt, educate, and own your industry.

To own your industry means to steer conversations and be your customers’ first call when change is afoot. Strong growth marketing positions you to always answer that call, and we partner with you to put you in the right places at the right time.
How? By working with three musts in mind:

Yes, we’re talking about domain authority, but not in the way you think we are.

In this context, we’re not just talking about website domain. Growth marketing principles help you establish authority where competitors cannot, placing you at the top of the heap whenever new or established customers think about your industry. 

We get you there through a dogged commitment to content strategy. We are first and foremost a company of content strategists who examine new and past content opportunities from every angle. We research the current state of your industry, assess your past work, and scour for future opportunities. 

Then, we present those findings to you and build an actionable, authoritative plan that regularly nurtures your growth objectives.


To establish trust and influence, you have to be involved in industry conversations on the regular.

Authority helps your brand establish a voice in your chosen industry. But credibility? That’s about being heard by the right people in the right context. Your growth marketing trajectory can live or die based on who provides you a platform—we help create that with a strong digital PR strategy. 

We work tirelessly to feature your expertise in the publications that establish your bonafides. Sometimes, you’re best served in a high-profile general business publication; other times, the best plan is to canvas niche publications that address a distinct pocket of your industry. 

Our job is to determine when it’s best to do one or the other, or maybe a combination of both. Digital PR is all about relationships and consistency, and we lean on both to get you into a rhythm that never leaves your industry credibility in doubt.


Now that you’re both trusted and heard, it’s time to make sure you’re seen.

When we say visibility within digital PR, we think of more than where you’re seen—we want to make sure you’re viewed in the right light and for the right reasons.

A thorough keyword research process peppers your placements with phrases and answers that help you stand out from the competition. We make sure your content responds to the most common questions your customers are searching for, then get those answers in front of an engaged audience. Our team looks at every aspect—technical, on-page, and off-page—to ensure the most comprehensive SEO principles are applied to your content. 

Built to Last

We’re all about creating a foundation for lasting expertise and sustainable success.

Growth marketing isn’t established overnight, and it sure as heck isn’t a set-and-forget-it process. It requires regular maintenance, attention, and iteration to truly succeed. 

Relevance understands all of that and partners with you to confront your brand’s evolving needs and your industry’s changing expectations. Sure, we can deliver you big wins—but we put more emphasis on sustainable practices that position you to attain those victories with more consistency than our competitors.

At Relevance, we get you top of the mind and top of search—and we make sure you stay there.

Are you ready for scalable growth marketing success?

We’re excited to build a successful plan with you.
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