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How to Balance SEO and UX on Your Website

Ever since search engines rose to prominence in the marketing world, the battle between SEO and website user experience (UX) has been raging, each championing their own priorities for web design. For website owners, taking into account the guidelines for…

3 Advantages Of Reseller SEO Programs

Content marketing is often thought of as a comprehensive service; one business writes the content, buys media space, and provides SEO optimization. When we stop and think realistically, though, can one company really do all that? In many cases, it’s just…

Is Martech Secretly Killing Your Marketing?

Looking at Martech guru Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic below, you’ll quickly realize that marketers in 2019 have never before been wooed and courted with such an exhaustive suite of marketing solutions and technologies… 7040…

Stop Targeting Keywords and Start Targeting Customers

One of the first things any SEO expert talks about when trying to rank a page higher is the keywords. We’re often under the perception that targeting high ranking keywords and using them in your content would influence the ranks of your webpage. We can’t…

Step by Step Guide to Keyword Research

While the term “keyword research” has been made popular by the SEO community, the relevance of identifying and building a KEYWORD based CONTENT strategy is imperative across ALL digital marketing & communication. To explain this, let’s take a look at…

How to Optimize Live Chat for Conversions

Live chat is a powerful tool. Whether you are a product or service-based business, live chat can help you make a personal connection with your website visitors, and ultimately, convert more visitors into customers. Recent studies have shown that web…

10 Main Elements Of A Modern Website

There are some essential elements in web design without which even the best site will not be effective. And efficiency is the most important thing! Perhaps, each designer has its own design plan when it comes to the next project, but still, all of them…

5 Ways to Act on Customer Feedback

Whether you like it or not, customer feedback is an essential part of improving your business. Feedback can be both positive and negative. Without it, you won’t know where the weak points in your product management process lie or which parts are already…

Using Video as a Marketing Tool

Video has always been around us. It is satisfying in so many ways because it appeals to the visual senses and presents information in all its richness. Before the internet, videos have already made a huge impact on people’s lives via television and…

Setting Up Your Own Content Marketing Agency

Do you have a passion for promotion? Do you have a yearn to earn the widest possible exposure for client products and services? Do you view content marketing not as a job, but as a lifestyle? If you’ve got the knowledge and you’ve got the drive, you’re…


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