Content Strategy

Today, many companies focus on email marketing, blogging, video and social media marketing to raise brand awareness, increase website traffic and boost sales. The one medium that is largely overlooked is print media. It makes…
Print Still Matters in 2019
  • 190
  • 02/07
  • Mario Medina
I hate to break this to you but all that hard work you put into content creation probably goes to waste because no one reads it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Research shows that most…
4 Proven Ways to Create Highly Engaging Blog Content
  • 179
  • 01/30
  • Jawad Khan
The fact that content is king does not mean that your first blog post is the holy grail of great content. Publishing of content that hooks readers requires effort, skills, knowledge, and continuous training/learning. In…
5 Common Mistakes In Content That Will Kill Your Blog
Content marketing is gaining greater prominence in every marketer’s arsenal. In fact, according to a study by Content Marketing Institute, “50% of marketers feel that their content marketing budget will increase in 2019.” In the…
Spice Up Your Company Blog With These Content Marketing Ideas
  • 405
  • 01/11
  • Manish Kothari
Running an eCommerce blog can be difficult. On top of managing comments, SEO considerations, and the needs of a changing business in a highly volatile and adaptive industry, you need to put out regular high-quality…
5 Clever Ideas for eCommerce Blog Posts
  • 904
  • 01/04
  • Kevin Conner
Made a mistake- No problem at all! All you have to do is admit it, learn from it and never repeat it again! The following post emphasizes on how to make sure that your copy…
10 Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid
  • 313
  • 12/31
  • Vikash Kumar
We’ve already heard that old saying at some point… “Content is king” We know the importance of content, we know it’s going to be the key to attracting, building and engaging with a loyal audience.…
The Key To Creating Content That Attracts Traffic Like A Magnet
  • 340
  • 11/27
  • Amit Raj
Best-selling authors Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin have created a definitive and practical guide that provides a new approach to achieving customer conversations in their latest book Talk Triggers. According to the book, 19 percent…
Talk Triggers By Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin Shows How To Create Customers Through Word of Mouth Strategy
  • 195
  • 10/01
  • Team Relevance
When launching their website, most business owners ask the development company to include a blog section, but this section, which is crucial to long term content marketing, often stays empty for months or, even worse,…
Spice Up Your Company Blog With These Content Marketing Ideas
Marketing experts love their numbers, charts, and graphs. They use them extensively to support their campaign decisions and to guide their marketing teams to deliver the best possible content pieces for a brand’s online existence.…
Spice Up Your Company Blog With These Content Marketing Ideas
  • 187
  • 09/12
  • Nate Vickery
Are strategy and documented planning cornerstones of  business success? Or is it smarter to have an action first philosophy which allows you to learn from your mistakes faster? Hmmm. SOOOO MUCH has been written about…
Content Marketing Plans and Strategy – Beginning of the End?
  • 337
  • 08/20
  • Neema Kapoor
Brainstorm, map out a plan, create, polish. These are the necessary steps to consider before publishing. As a content writer, you must make sure you include all these steps into your routine. If you miss…
9 Important Points to Check Before Content Publishing
  • 275
  • 08/16
  • Susan Saurel
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