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Content Strategy is Your Blueprint

On its face, content strategy is a blueprint of laying out all the most important points and relevant audiences your content needs to address. It’s the homebase you can always come back to when you feel like things might be veering off track.

But it’s more than that. It’s the compass your content must travel by—a style guide of sorts that helps define your brand and its story. At Relevance, we believe that if growth marketing is ever going to reach its full potential, it must be steeped in a content strategy that is fleshed-out, fluid, and fitted to what your company does best.

We dive deep into every nook and cranny of your company and the industry you’re in to build your content strategy. We forge ahead when something works, and we shift course when something doesn’t work or the industry calls for it. And we build opportunities that are tailor-made to tap into the three parts of the marketing funnel that can trigger growth: the top, the middle, and the bottom.
Top of Funnel

Here we focus on educating potential customers.

Everyone starts somewhere, and at some point of the customer journey, each one of us is a novice. We look to friends, family, and co-workers to fill any knowledge gaps we have. In today’s market, of course, a search engine can be quicker than your personal network at answering questions you might have.

When Google shows target audience members a link to your blog post about a topic they're researching, it’s like a VIP pass to the top of your sales funnel. It gives you the opportunity to show potential customers that they can have all their questions answered by a seasoned expert — you.

The top of the funnel is where Relevance’s content strategies can shine, and is often where the happy intersection of content strategy and SEO can be found.

Middle of the Funnel

Here we nurture their curiosity.

Curiosity brings buyers to the top of the funnel. But well-crafted expertise that keeps them asking the right questions brings them down toward the middle of it. 

If your customer is in the middle of the funnel, their interest is piqued enough that your product or industry might be the answer to a short- or long-standing problem. By no means is the middle of the funnel where the hard-sell occurs. Rather, it’s where a solution-rich, thoroughly researched, branded content pieces like e-books, white papers, blogs, infographics explore their issues with greater depth and help provide clarity. Once they’ve achieved that focus, the funnel narrows to the (hopeful) final destination.

Bottom of the Funnel

Here we showcase how you’re the solution they’re looking for.

Bottom of the funnel is where your story really becomes crystalized. Your customer seeks solutions, and you’re more than happy to show your value through success stories, product pages, and the like. 

If we’ve done our job, you’re well-positioned as an authoritative option that customers can explore and use as a measuring stick against industry colleagues. 

Our partnership should equip you with enough credibility and ownership that your content ultimately helps people make a definitive decision (hopefully in your favor)!

Let Us Craft Your Narrative

We’re content marketers by trade, but our team is steeped in journalism, marketing, and PR experience that can make your content strategy stand up from every angle. Your brand’s story is worth bringing to the page—we’ll craft a content strategy that relays that tale with your business’s long-term objectives and target in mind.

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