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Bringing Meaning Back to the Screen

Glazed-over eyes. Almost in a sense of entrancement. Parents are all too familiar with these visuals when their children are looking at a TV, a tablet, or phone. One company looked to shake the cobwebs for kids and better serve parents by developing customized telephones for kids to taper off excessive screen time. Relevance was asked to increase brand awareness, grow rankings, and bolster the public profile of the company’s founder.

Breaking the Trance

Despite the client’s goal of better visibility, the staff was small when we were brought aboard. So, we began with our usual five-pronged approach:

  • Technical foundation/Website Optimization
  • Analytics, Competitors Insights, Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Strategic Outreach
  • Review, Iterate, Optimize

Then, to flesh those efforts out, the first 90 days of the engagement also included an end-to-end SEO overhaul for the client aimed at bettering site traffic, improving relevant keyword ranks, and strengthening distinctive topical authority. 

We applied SEO and content audit findings to content creation, including onsite assets, third-party bylines for the CEO, PR, and a collaboration with CRO. 

Establishing the Connection

In just over two years of work, Relevance created 67 pieces of content and placed just under 500 pieces and links. The work yielded:

increase in transactions from organic (from 329 to 2,392 per month)
increase in organic traffic (from 9,963 to 81,172)
increase in number of terms ranking from 1-10 (from 83 to 1,500)
increase in domain authority (from 18 to 45)
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