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Why call ourselves 

Because we want you to build yours by being top of mind and top of search within your industry. We get — and keep — you there by staking our reputation on three values:
Step One

Build a Foundation

Your content can’t rise up the page rankings if it’s stuck in the mud. So, the first 45 days are spent in discovery mode to solidify that foundation. Our noses are to the grindstone, looking at page and keyword rankings, page conversions, and conducting technical SEO audits to get to know you. We align these findings with your stated business goals and target audience to ground your growth marketing foundation and set it up for the long haul.

Step Two

Rack Up Quick Content Wins

Once the strategy is built, we get to work! We look at where your content can maximize its visibility and effectiveness, or where new content can come in and support the strategy. We try to strike fast so you can see ROI (and our value) quicker. 

Step three

Amplify, Amplify, Amplify!

We want you to be heard and seen! Our team uses PR to get your words quoted in publications of note, backlinks to your content when relevant, and takes any opportunity to broaden the reach of your content and your brand.

  • There is no better partner for brands looking to build a foundation in their industry than Relevance. They understand the steps brands at all stages need to take to solidify their standing and they know how to execute those steps with efficiency. I direct customers and colleagues to them often and they always come back thrilled.
    -Larry Kim, CEO of Customers.AI and Founder of WordStream
  • We partnered with Relevance to amplify our media presence and thought leadership —securing dozens of media mentions and gaining invaluable strategic insights for our team's reputation management. Their innovative approach and seamless collaboration made them feel like an extension of our team, rather than an external agency.
    -Casey Schow
  • Headshot of Chris Schembra of 7:47
    Relevance has helped 7:47 develop the authority needed to land clients such as Google, Microsoft, Dell, CitiBank and dozens more since the start of our time together.
    -Chris Schembra

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