To get your website rank high on Google and other search engines organically is a herculean effort. It not only involves tons of hard work but also demands an in-depth knowledge of the process of putting websites together. Entrepreneurs or individuals who are not tech savvy and do not have much expertise about the web and its operations, can use the PPC or Pay-Per-Click campaign to drive traffic to their website and give their ranking a huge boost on Google and other search engines.

If you have been advised by a digital marketing expert to explore the PPC option for improving your online presence, then the first question that will arise on your mind is – What exactly is PPC? Here is the answer:

When you look at any search result pages, you will see a few ads placed in a colored box and posted separately from the usual search engine results. (AOL and Ask Jeeves are exceptions as they do not separate the ads from regular search results). These are PPC ads. In this type of digital marketing campaign, Google has to be paid a specific sum to have the ads listed at the top and to the right hand side of the regular search results.

When the ad is clicked on by an interested visitor, Google has to be paid the current Cost-Per-Click (CPC) from the ad budget of the company or individual. The ads are removed when the entire budget is exhausted and run again when the budget fund is replenished.

Many digital marketing experts opine that PPC campaigns are easy to initiate and manage than other types of marketing campaign but it is important to know the basics before you take the dive.


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