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Andy Betts is recognized by his peers as one of most dynamic marketers in the digital, marketing and technology space. He has over 15 years experience in formulating business, content, marketing, PR and digital strategies for many of the world's leading brands, agencies and technology start-ups.

A consultant by trade, Andy has worked at the C-level with leading brands such as HP, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, HSBC, United Airlines, Adobe, Motorola, American Express and Fidelity International. He has also consulted on digital marketing projects with many of the world’s leading agencies such as Publicis, Aegis, Starcom, Digitas, Zenith Optimedia, GroupM and WPP properties.

Andy also writes (and ghost writes for marketing leaders) for high profile publications such as Search Engine Watch and Econsultancy. His articles appear in Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Mediapost, Forbes, Huffington Post, Techcrunch, Venture Beat, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Today’s marketers operate in a content battleground & need a better approach for measuring content performance. SAP & BrightEdge are here to fix that.
SAP & BrightEdge on Measuring Content Performance
Gone are the days of overly pushy sales messages splashed across website portal takeovers; the modern landscape demands subtlety as the order of the day.
The Rise of the Content-Driven Organization
Content marketing has reached a crossroads. Where will you (and your brand) fit into this new frontier of digital marketing?
The Evolution of Content Marketing
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