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Quin Woodward Pu is a writer, public speaker, and communications savant. As Marketing Director at Washington, DC-based startup Audienti, Quin combines her passions for technology and marketing to build community in the vibrant and rapidly-growing tech space. She is the author of three books chronicling her life as one of the internet's first viral bloggers. Quin has presented at multiple marquis tech conferences, and has shared the stage with Steve Wozniak, Randi Zuckerberg, Adrian Grenier, and many other standout innovators.

If you don’t know what the cycle, budget, timeline and lifespan of your content marketing looks like, it’s time to create a documented content strategy.
Is Content Marketing a Waste of Time?
Take the guesswork out of finding online customers with a platform that automates growth opportunities and lets you focus on innovation.
Moving Customers Down the Funnel: Can it Really be Automated?
Keywords are the building blocks of a great online marketing strategy, so it’s important to know how to best deploy them and, ultimately, close more sales.
See to Say: How Evolving Search Queries Affect SEO Strategy
Outbound marketing used to be the most advanced technique to reach your audience. What can we learn from what was once at the vanguard of advertising?
What Inbound Marketers Can Learn from Outbound Marketing
As automated marketing continues to humanize , it’s important to keep a balance among your marketing strategies - behavioral modeling included.
From Reactive to Assumptive to Behavioral Modeling
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