5 Social Media Trends That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

In today’s world of marketing social media holds a very powerful position. With its immensely far reaching influence, it has the power to make or break in seconds and it is a crucial marketing tool in the hands of brands. Companies of every size, every niche, every field have joined social media marketing to stay up to date in this age. Even giants such as Apple, Tesla, Pepsi co, Chanel, Hublot etc. have taken to social media to carry the word of their brand. Here are some of the most happening social media trends that you must adapt into your marketing strategy now!

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a major marketing strategy adopted by practically all the major brands all over the world. Influencers have massive reach, and as they are more relatable than celebrities, they have a stronger influence over the audience, making influencer marketing high in demand. All the major companies are now joining the bandwagon and hiring popular social media influencers to carry their brand name.

Video and live streaming

While photos can be edited videos are more natural and live is raw, and absolutely as real as it gets, which is why there is such a huge fan following for live streaming. People need to know more than just a photo can convey and that is where a video comes to use. Companies over the recent years have taken to social media live to give their brand a fresh and honest marketing space. Moreover, with a live video, seeing things being broadcast while it is happening is way more exciting and tends to bring immense surge in viewership.

Story updates

There is something fleeting, intriguing and exciting about the short-lived nature of stories as they are unavailable to the world after short time. Inspired by the concept of short-term content option of Snapchat various social media platforms and even messaging services such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook have come out with a story function. This has gained huge popularity among people and thus, various brands have decided to adopt these stories for their social media marketing.

Contests and giveaways

People love getting free stuff and you can use this human trait to further the name of your brand. There have been some major contests and giveaway campaigns by brands which have used the campaign to not only make their brand reach out to more people via tagging, sharing and talking about the brand in general but also created a customer base. This is a great scheme of marketing as every contestant is doing the job of spreading the brand name to more people, who in turn, can do the same to participate.


People love a personal touch, and this is something you have to incorporate on your social media marketing. Social media is full of personal details and brands make use of that data to create advertising content which is personalised as per the likes and dislikes of the people. This makes people relate to the brand better as it hits closer home.

Social media marketing is here to stay and every major brand, irrespective of field, scale and niche, has taken to it. It is highly effective, less expensive and has a farther reach than any other marketing that the world has seen as of now.