Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Stay Away From

We all know that social media has become an important part of the modern, digital world. It seems like everyone, from your grandparents to your friend’s cat, has a social media profile to connect with other users around the world.

But the truly great thing about social media is how it’s so incredibly versatile. There’s a ton of ways that social media can bring people together, and social media platforms can be great marketing tools for your business.

Since more and more people are turning to the internet to find their next purchase, why wouldn’t you channel some social media power and create a campaign to bring potential customers to your door? Social media marketing requires a certain level of savviness, so here are some mistakes to avoid when creating your marketing plan.

Not having a written goal

As with anything else, you need to write out a specific social media marketing goal before you start. Think of it this way: when you don’t have a goal to work towards, how will you know if you’re succeeding or failing? And how will you be able to manage your success?

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a goal, don’t worry. Write down something you’d like to achieve in the future — it could be as broad as increasing your page views from 50 to 100 per week — then go from there. It’s not necessary to have very specific goals when you’re first starting. Just make sure to write something down!

You share the same content on each platform

Not all social media platforms were created equally. Each one was built with a specific demographic in mind, and so each has a specific audience you have to curate for. If you’re simply repurposing the same content to each platform, then you are missing out on attracting the right customers to your brand.

For example, there’s no need to share long articles on Twitter when simple blurbs of company updates are fine. Same goes for Facebook and Instagram, where you should focus on using hashtags and sharing pictures and videos. But when you have career announcements? That’s when you should go to LinkedIn.

Not interacting with followers

At the end of the day, social media is there for people to be social! So it goes without saying that you want to communicate with your audience as much as you can. This not only shows your audience that there is a person behind your brand, but it ensures that clients keep coming back to you.

When people search for a service or a particular product online, they want to know that they’re being heard, making communication more important than ever. This is something that social media advertising companies can help you with if you’re struggling.

Being too active

That being said, there is such a thing as being too active on social media. As with any other marketing strategy, you need to have a reason for each post that you produce, so you know your efforts aren’t going to waste.

Posting too much, too often can work to your disadvantage by crowding up your audience’s newsfeeds and making them annoyed and uninterested. Feel free to play around to determine what works, and then take that and run with it. Just be wary of falling into the trap of posting content just to post it. 

With these mistakes in mind, you’ll know what not to do when it comes to social media marketing and creating a new world for you online.