Content Marketing and SEO: Should You Go with a Consultant or Agency?


Content marketing and SEO are critical to the success of any business. Greater brand visibility, higher search rankings, and reputation management are all staples of content marketing and SEO. They are also best served up together.

“Success is simplified and achieved faster when a company tethers search engine optimization with content marketing strategies,” Kevin Yeaman, a Denver SEO consultant and founder of Content marketing Spot explained.

Growing your business and boosting profitability is certainly on your to-do list, especially if you are in a competitive industry. And you may already be implementing SEO content marketing strategies in-house.

Here are a few essential content marketing and SEO stats to know:

  • 46 percent of a company’s budget is spent on content
  • 40 percent of marketers agree that content marketing is important to the overall marketing strategy
  • 64 percent of marketers invest time in search optimization

However, to reach true business growth potential, you should consider calling on the experts. Consultants and agencies that specialize in content marketing and search engine optimization can be just what the business doctor ordered.

Do you have an SEO and content marketing plan? Could you use a bit of professional help to take your business to the next level online? Let’s take a look at what consultants and agencies have to offer.

Content Marketing and SEO: Should You Go with a Consultant or Agency?

There is certainly a case to be made for both content marketing and SEO consultants and agencies. While both consultants and agencies can supercharge your search ranking and online performance, there are differences between them.

And when it comes to anything search engine-related, especially when playing to the satisfaction of Google, patience is a must. It is important to know that results take time. Be wary of any consultant or agency that says they can get you to position one on Google SERPs in a week.

With all of the above in mind, let’s take a look at what option, consultant, or agency, is right for your business.

Content Marketing and SEO Consultants

The first important must-have trait of a consultant is they have both search engine optimization and content marketing experience. And that the consultant knows how to use them together effectively.

Other key traits of a content marketing and SEO consultant include:

  • Customized action plans: Content and optimization consultants should be able to customize a plan of action that fits your business. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, thus making customization a must when it comes to achieving exceptional results.
  • Expertise in team training: Having a plan is only half the battle when it comes to search optimization and content marketing. A professional consultant knows this and has honed his or her training skills. A consultant should be able to train your team quickly for success.
  • Strong background in success: Consultants that are true experts will have proof of success to show you. From analytics to letters of recommendation, a reputable consultant will be happy to show off his or her professional achievements.

What do content marketing and SEO consultants do exactly? Essentially, they are superheroes in their field that can be called upon to achieve results. In professional terms, they are experts who are contracted for an indefinite period of time, serving as an advisor.

In most scenarios, content, and optimization consultants will evaluate current strategies, the effectiveness of those strategies, and develop a plan to advance them, or implement completely new strategies. In some cases, a complete revamp of content marketing and SEO strategies are needed.

Content Marketing and SEO Agencies

Agencies in the content and optimization space do serve benefits for companies, both large and small. For instance, agencies have a larger search engine optimization footprint across multiple industries. This gives businesses more niche options when it comes to finding an agent.

Another element of an agency is transparency. Most content marketing and SEO agencies have in-house technology in place that allows business owners and managers to track metrics from a single dashboard. Agencies also have large teams with skill sets in a variety of content and optimization tactics.

Content marketing and SEO agencies can also take on broader, long-term projects since they have set processes in place and technology to handle those large-scale projects.

However, agencies are not always the best option. In many cases, content marketing and search engine optimization require a specialized eye. A broader approach may not result in achieving the maximized growth and success that is needed.

Wrapping Up

Knowing which is better, consultant or agency can be a bit challenging. They both offer benefits enticing to just about any business. The primary aim should be on your business goals. Starting there can help you decide a path. Regardless of which you choose, you can be sure that they will both begin the conversation with, “What are your content marketing and SEO goals?”