Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Work with Trends

Although marketing principles remain the same, your strategies must change when consumer trends change. For example, when consumers started spending the majority of their time on social media, Facebook ads became an unavoidable marketing component. When Instagram’s popularity exploded, the platform was expanded to handle ads and eCommerce, and it’s hard to find a marketer who doesn’t advertise on Instagram.

Social trends drive marketing trends. The next major trend is always around the corner but isn’t visible right away. Since you can’t predict every new marketing trend, your best move is to get your business ready to roll with change.

Here are some suggestions for adapting your marketing strategy to constantly changing trends:

1. Embrace new technology and write about your experience

Everyone wants to know how the latest technology is working in their industry. You can generate a virtually endless supply of content by writing about changing trends in industry technology.

Many new technologies quickly become an industry standard. If you can get related content published early on, search engine users will be more likely to find your content first. For example, landlords who collect rent online are still in the minority, but the world is quickly moving toward all-digital bill payments.

Landlords who write about why they collect rent online, the benefits, and the long-term results already have a good placement on the search engine results pages (SERPs). By the time online rent payments become an absolute industry standard, those with existing content will dominate the SERPs.

What trends can you foresee in your industry? What new technologies look promising? Be an early adopter, test out the technology, and start writing about your experiences. Publish your content today to capture the traffic from tomorrow’s trends.

2. Create a ‘newsworthy’ section on your blog for social trends

Regardless of the products and services you sell, your blog needs a newsworthy category to compete with changing social trends. Having a newsworthy category gives you the opportunity to publish content related to current affairs across any subject. In turn, this can give you SEO power regardless of the subject matter.

Say you run a landscaping business and you normally publish tips for people who do their own gardening and landscaping. The moment your state or county passes lawn-watering restrictions, you can publish an article that utilizes newsworthy keywords and phrases related to the restrictions.

No matter what subjects are trending in the news, you’ll always have an outlet to publish high-quality content related to those trends. Having a separate category makes it easy for visitors to navigate your content. Someone looking for gardening advice won’t want to sift through a bunch of news stories to find more content.

3. Be willing to experiment with old school methods

Staying open to change and experimentation is critical. It’s tempting to dismiss ideas that seem outdated or impractical, but every idea is worth consideration.

What would you do if your head marketing manager approached you to suggest launching a direct mail marketing campaign? Would you scoff at the idea and tell them digital marketing is superior? That paper is a waste of time? Hopefully, you’d be open to the idea because direct mail is still highly effective.

Many digital marketers have added direct mail to their marketing strategies and claim they get great responses, often higher than average. The reason direct mail gets higher than average responses today is twofold.

First, few people use direct marketing so there’s not much competition. Many households receive only a few pieces of unsolicited mail per week, which increases the amount of mail that gets opened.

Second, people are bombarded with ads online and they’re overwhelmed. Opening a curious-looking piece of mail can be a fun momentary distraction. In fact, research data from 2017 shows that 70% of people say getting unsolicited mail from companies makes them feel valued.

Learn direct mail marketing from Dan Kennedy

If you’ve never heard of Dan Kennedy, he’s the world’s leading authority on direct mail marketing. Although his team does employ digital marketing strategies, Kennedy himself has stuck with direct mail and won’t even use a computer. According to Kennedy, the death of direct mail is a grand illusion; his massive success supports that claim.

Be careful not to fall into content marketing fads

Content marketing trends sometimes begin as fads. Be discerning with the trends you follow and/or attempt to employ. Learning to discern between a fad and a viable trend takes time. Be willing to try new things and change direction when necessary.