What’s New In Social Media In 2020

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Social media are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or carry out social networking. People usually perform this virtual interaction through different gadgets like computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. Initially, this form of communication was established mostly as a means of interaction between family and friends and messaging. However, there has been a significant use of social media in doing business. In 2019, statistics revealed that 45% of the world’s population used social media. In fact, these users have been narrowed down to people between the ages of 18-29. And because many of these people want to become influencers or social media entrepreneurs, we can now see an increase in SM marketing services such as Facebook and Instagram organic growth services.

In general, social media is used to share feelings, insights, thoughts, and business ideas. These uses come in the form of virtual reviews, social gaming, blogging, video sharing, text sharing, and so on.

How social media has changed in 2020

The increased technological revolution has affected social media in both positive and negative ways. Below are some core changes in social media in 2020:

  • The increased popularity of specific niche social media. For example, LinkedIn for B2B companies and Twitch for gamers
  • Increased affinity to video content. This is seen in the sharp increase in YouTubers and users.
  • Tightened social media policies. This is because of the increased fallacious news and slander going on in the platforms.
  • Increased content personalization for customers. This is seen in the display of ads that pick and use the interests of each user.
  • Development of Geo-tagging characteristics in a lot of social networks.
  • Increased implementation of user-generated content.
  • Increased usage of Instagram influencers.

List of 5 most popular social media in 2020

The rapid knowledge of the use of social media for business has grown tremendously, therefore, a list of 5 most popular social media in 2020 and their unique niches will be discussed below.

  1. Facebook: this has been the largest social media since its launch in 2004. It boasts of over 2 billion monthly users and has no particular niche it thrives on.
  2. Twitter: it was created 2 years after Facebook and has since been among the most popular social networks. It has over 300 million monthly users. Niches like entertainment, sports, and politics excel in this social network.
  3. LinkedIn:  it was launched in 2003 and also has over 300 million monthly users. This is the social network that elites and business goons have active accounts in.
  4. Instagram: it was launched in 2010 and comes second after Facebook with over 1 billion monthly users. Using Instagram influencers is the major means of getting awareness in this platform. Product-based companies thrive more on this platform.
  5. Snapchat: this is the youngest of them all, it was launched in 2011 and has 360 million monthly users. Children based businesses thrive in this social network, especially businesses targeted to 11 – 13-year-olds.