7 Powerful Keyword Analysis Tools to Discover Profitable Keywords

Keyword Analysis is the backbone of any SEO strategy. To rank your page around your targeted keyword you need to first perform a proper keyword analysis.

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Luckily there are plenty of free and paid tools available online that makes your work a little easier. But choosing a genuine and worthy keyword tool among those is a difficult task.

That is why we have come up with a list of the best keyword analysis tools that will surely help you discover the most profitable keywords in no time.

Let’s start.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Ads keyword planner has been one of the most trusted and well-known keyword analysis tools among digital marketing and SEO professionals for a long time.

The main purpose of using the keyword planner tool is to access the average monthly search volume of relevant keywords. This helps you determine the profitability of your targeted keywords or key phrases.


  • With keyword planner, you can find new and related keyword ideas on any topic along with average monthly search volume, competition, top of page bid (low range & high range) to understand the commercial intent of the keywords.
  • You will get an overview of the traffic forecast for your targeted keywords.
  • You can find out the search data for weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
  • You can enter your competitor’s URL to find out the profitable keywords which are already ranking on Google and other search engines.
  • If you want to run a PPC ad along with your SEO campaign, keyword planner helps you find out and target more profitable keywords.
  • Google keyword planner does not show the exact search volume of keywords anymore unless you run an active paid ad campaign. However, this tool will help you understand multiple variations of keywords.
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SEMrush is considered as one of the most comprehensive all-in-one SEO tools which offer competitor based keyword research option along with the traditional approach.

Here you just need to add the URL of your competitor and it will show all the keywords that are ranking for your competitor’s website.


  • Organic Position – You can determine the position of your URL in Google and other search engines for your target keyword.
  • Traffic Percentage – You can find out the average percentage of traffic your website is getting from various search engines.
  • CPC value – You can understand the commercial value of any keyword by the average Cost-per-Click metric.
  • Keyword Difficulty – It provides the keyword difficulty number which indicates how easy or difficult to rank for a keyword.
  • Long Tail keywords – SEMrush shows the keywords with less competition that helps you find out more long tail keywords to target.
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Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool has become one of the most popular keyword research tools because of its user-friendly interface and the amount of data it provides.

The best part is you can make a list of your target keywords directly from its dashboard without maintaining an excel sheet which saves you a lot of time.


  • Ahrefs has a huge database of keywords and it uses clickstream data that shows you how many clicks you will get from search engines for your targeted keywords.
  • Ahrefs allows you to filter the list of suggested keywords according to search volume and keyword difficulty.
  • It provides you detailed SERP (Search Engine Result Page) analysis report that shows the number of search traffic of your top ranking pages.
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KWFinder is another fastest growing keyword research tool that helps you to target the keywords that drive more visitors to your website and generate more leads and conversions.

This tool has three types of keyword research options: suggestion based, autocomplete and question based keywords.


  • Using its question-based keyword research option, you can easily target the long tail keywords that are based on problem-solving. This will help you to get more visitors who are searching for a particular solution.
  • It provides the keyword difficulty score that helps you know whether you can rank for your keyword or not.
  • KWFinder has both free and paid plans. As a beginner, you can try out the free version to see the effectiveness of this tool. Else, you can go for the paid plan to access its advanced features.
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Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a question-based keyword research tool which provides a long list of alphabetically sorted keyword suggestions. This tool is also helpful to generate topic and content ideas.


  • It provides questions related to your keyword along with various prepositions to filter your search.
  • When you type a keyword or topic in its search box it shows you the various questions through graphical visualization that people have already asked on that topic.
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Moz keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is one of the leading keyword analysis tools in the market. It offers advanced keyword research data to find out profitable keywords that improve the visibility of your website on various search engines.


  • Moz helps you identify the relevant and profitable keywords that you can target to drive more traffic to your website.
  • You can import, export and build your own keyword list using this tool.
  • It shows the detailed information about the keywords such as its total search volume, priority, difficulty, organic click-through rate etc.
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LongTailPro is another very useful tool that is specially designed to provide various long tail keywords on any particular niche. It is a great tool to find out more targeted and less competitive keywords on any topic.


  • After searching with the seed keyword you can get hundreds of keywords suggestion. Apart from that it also shows the exact search volume of the keywords, bidding price per click, keyword competitiveness, and many other useful metrics. You can check up to 200 keywords at a time.
  • You can find long tail high CPC keywords.
  • You can easily import and export keywords data in excel sheets.
  • Check your competitors’ keywords performance.
  • Additionally, with Rank Tracker facility you can easily check the ranking and performance of individual webpages on search engines.
  • Apart from Google, you can check your keywords ranking on other major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu etc.

Over to You

Definitely, these are not all but there are many other powerful keyword analysis tools available on the internet. Though, this list can be a good starting point to finding out the best keyword tool that fits into your requirements and budget. At the same time, develop your SEO skills to intuit the effectiveness of keywords even before you start using those on your webpages.

Finally, let us know if you are using any other keyword analysis tool that brought you exceptional results in terms of ranking, traffic, and conversion.

Soumya Roy

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