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7 Ways to Turn Expertise Into a Content Marketing Business

Date published: June 25, 2015
Last updated: June 25, 2015

Whether you’re a freelance marketer bouncing from job to job or an established member of a large organization, it’s only natural to wonder if (and when) the time is right to spread your wings and forge a path on your own as the content marketing industry continues to grow and evolve.

Of course, taking this plunge isn’t easy, especially if you’re not sure what exactly you would offer to potential clients. With this in mind, let’s cover a few ideas that could ignite the spark of your inner entrepreneur and put you on the path to the next great content marketing innovation.

1. Create Specialized Market Guides

This idea puts your knowledge of content marketing best practices to good use by honing in on a void found in regional markets and industries. Whether you’re creating real estate buying guides for buyers and sellers in specific neighborhoods or displaying a mastery of the current opportunities in the world of real-time bidding (RTB), the key here is to leverage your abilities to fill a content gap that would otherwise be untapped.

2. Start an Industry-Specific Periodical

At first glance, the concept of a magazine or periodical as a content marketing business idea seems overused or worn out – and for good reason. After all, John Deere has been at this game with The Furrow since 1895. Of course, there’s a reason why the “original” content marketing team put this publication together so long ago; consumers love a structured, value-driven offering that they can count on as a stable and regular source of high-quality content.

Pushing a digital publication isn’t an entrepreneurial endeavor that’s for the faint of heart. To make this method work, you’ll need to not only hone in on an audience that’s craving such an offering but also ensure that this opportunity isn’t already being filled by someone else. From here, spreading the word and promoting your periodical on a consistent basis across social media and other relevant channels guarantees that this project really gains steam and becomes a viable addition to your business portfolio. You’ll also need an abundance of time or a dedicated staff to manage the content on a daily basis.

3. Leverage Your Expertise as a Consultant

Depending on your experience with the content marketing world, there’s always the chance that you can forego making content altogether and instead focus on helping others develop and create offerings of their own. Naturally, this isn’t a path for those who are just now dipping their tops into this portion of the digital marketplace. However, if you can combine your knowledge of content marketing with a strong ability to communicate and assist, then there’s no reason why your next professional step forward can’t be toward an advisory or consulting position.

4. Develop a New Social Tool

If you’re social butterfly on Facebook, Twitter or any other prominent platform, why not try your hand at developing a social tool that helps support and enhance the content marketing process? Social media and content marketing are connected at the hip in today’s digital world, but that doesn’t mean that the all of the overlap between these two regions has been explored or leveraged.

Obviously, there’s no point in trying to fight with the likes of Hootsuite or other big names in the social tool marketplace. Even so, developing a tweet aggregator for a certain industry, a Facebook plugin for a select group of WordPress users, or some other highly specialized demographic is a great way to blend the need for social optimization and your entrepreneurial spirit.

You don’t have to do it alone, either. Partner with a web developer who has the technical expertise you need, but lacks the industry insight to identify marketplace need for new tools.

5. Compile Case Studies and Other Analytics

Another smart idea for transferring your content marketing know-how into a sound business idea comes in the form of compiling industry relevant case studies and other data-oriented products. Use intriguing cases in your professional history or gather and package consumer data in manageable and easy-to-understand sets. Wherever your inspiration comes from, taking a more analytical approach to your burgeoning content marketing business can help differentiate you and your skillset.

6. Create a Content Marketing App

Much like developing a specialized social tool, creating a content marketing app is all about putting your tech-savvy side to good use. Coding and development skills are vital to this approach, so either having years of experience on this front – or working with someone who does – is, again, a must.

Once you’ve got the technical details in order, it’s time to find a content-oriented gap that needs addressing in your target market or industry. Is there demand for a mobile-friendly news app that covers breaking stories? What about an encyclopedic-style offering that provides quick access to industry terms and jargon? Brainstorming over these and other questions can help point you in the right direction as you seek out a useful and lucrative content marketing app opportunity.

7. Serve as an Influencer Liaison

Finally, if you’re blessed with the gift of gab, it’s time to consider putting this asset to good use by serving as an intermediary between brands and industry influencers. As one of the most powerful tools in the content marketing world, gathering influencer quotes, interviews and backlinks is far from an easy endeavor.

In fact, depending on the reach offered by the expert in question, capturing these opportunities can be a massive challenge for the uninitiated. For a seasoned professional like yourself, though, leveraging the appropriate channels and turning this skill into a marketable asset is attainable and good for both your client and for your bottom line.

Based on how dedicated you are to creating a content marketing business, these ideas are just the beginning of the journey. From here, the sky is the limit if you’re willing to seek even more potential areas of growth and seize the day with a progressive and proactive mindset.

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