72 Must Have Features for E-commerce Website

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Building an e-commerce site requires more than just a beautiful design. Apart from great products, your site needs to have proper design elements to ensure its success. An e-commerce site may have many features. But there are certain ones that are essential to make the site user-friendly for the customers and easily manageable for the owners. The following infographic gives a visual presentation of these essential 72 e-commerce features.

The infographic shows a basic outline of all the essential features of the e-commerce site, namely – Home, Category page, Product page, Check out page and Blog. Each of these pages has some essential elements. Of course, the overall presentation may vary from site to site. But the basic features that are mentioned in the infographic are more or less applicable to all sites.

A good e-commerce site is not all about its front end. To have a well-managed site you need to ensure the backend features are up to the mark too. The infographic does present these essential backend features along with some other more general ones that ensure your site performs well regarding all aspects.

Here are some key points from the infographic:

  • The risk reducers and loyalty programs should be prominently displayed on the homepage
  • Apart from featured products or new arrivals, the visitors should see personalized products at the home page based on their browsing history
  • Product filtering and sorting feature is one of the most important things of a well-designed category page
  • Add to wishlist and Compare are two features of the product page that your customers would love
  • The final price at the checkout stage should clearly state all the taxes and shipping charges clearly
  • A blog can really help the search visibility of your e-commerce site
  • Fast loading time and responsive design is mandatory for your e-commerce site’s success

Here is the infographic:

e-commerce website features