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Erik Deckers is a professional writer and the owner of Pro Blog Service, a content marketing agency in Indianapolis. He is the co-author of three social media marketing books, including Branding Yourself, No Bullshit Social Media, and The Owned Media Doctrine. He is also a newspaper humor columnist and playwright.

Many content marketers overwrite their work, adding in unnecessary detail and explanations. Hemingway's Iceberg Theory helps illuminate this problem.
Using Hemingway's Iceberg Theory for Content Marketing
Writing copy is a simple process, if you know how to keep it simple: know your audience, use their "love language" and highlight important benefits.
3 Foolproof Steps To Writing Copy That Grabs Your Audience
Do marketers need to be more obvious and less sneaky about their native advertising in order to avoid jading consumers about the work they're trying to do?
Trust May be Eroding with Native Advertising
Writing is a skill we all have, but very few people actually do well. To be an effective content marketer means know how to bend language to your will.
Good Marketing Content Uses Simple Writing
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