B2B Marketing – How to Improve Your Digital Strategy

Okay, so the internet came along, and the way companies used to market their products and services to their B2B customers pretty much went out the window. Far out the window. Those once-trusted, ad-packed trade pubs, often called the marketing “bibles”, suddenly disappeared. Poof!And B2B marketers, their ad agencies, and just about everyone connected to selling goods and services to the B2B market were left scratching their collective heads, trying to figure out how to sell in this new paradigm, in a digital format. But then came a Eureka!moment, and everybody rushed to put up their own websites. The fact that many companies didn’t have a clue about what they were doing wasn’t much of a deterrent. They had a website! Ta-da!

That was then, this is now 

We’ve all learned a lot since those early days, in fact, we’ve had to learn a whole new marketing language. New terms, new techniques, new outlets (think social media), and just when you think you’ve got the whole thing figured out, wham, someone comes up with a yet another way to reach your prospects with more impact, more efficiency, and better return on your ROI.

When will it all end? Never.How can you keep on top of it? Well, that’s where you can get some help. You can go to relevance.com, the digital marketing authority, and download an ebook called the Five Most Influential Topics For B2B Marketing. And, of course, it’s free.

What you’ll learn 

A lot! The topics discussed are both fascinating and totally pertinent to B2B marketing today, as well as into the future. They include:

  • Influencer marketing is dead. All hail marketing to influencers!
  • Data overload: How do you harness it?
  • Digital Customer experience is the new battleground.
  • The state of social engagement 2017.
  • A love story: When sales and marketing get aligned.

The articles are written by Dayle Hall, SVP of Marketing for Lithium Technologies. In his role, Dayle is the head of marketing, responsible for all strategic marketing activities for the company including branding, positioning, communications, customer acquisition programs, and go-to-market strategies. You’ll find his articles concise, well thought out, and totally pertinent! This is must reading for any serious B2B marketing professional. It will bring you abreast of all the latest proven techniques for reaching your B2B customers, and will give you a roadmap to follow for future success.

Along with this ebook, you’ll find hundreds of articles dealing with digital marketing in all its myriad forms. You may also want to subscribe to this site (it’s free!) so that you can be kept up-to-date with articles, ebooks, and information on how you can improve your digital marketing strategy to gain more sales, and a greater marketing share. All the information on relevance is provided by proven, successful marketers who have been there, done that, and know what they’re talking about! Stop in and sign up!