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Real Benefits of Using AMP in SEO

Date published: July 28, 2017
Last updated: July 3, 2024

The world has become digital and making your online presence stronger has become the need of the hour. While putting resources into mobile streamlining for your site is a great idea; it is not sufficient enough to remain at the top. In such case, any leading SEO company in Los Angeles can help you with AMP, also called Accelerated Mobile Pages.

It’s nothing new that smartphone users spend hours of their day on their devices and they positively won't explore your business or content if your interface is moderate stacking, awkward, and not touch-friendly.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a venture of Google that takes advantage of open-source technical aspects. It advances speed and convenience for online visitors while enabling you to maintain the trustworthiness of the matter you need to include.

Using AMP in SEO means instead of requiring your group to work out the specialized elements of your page, it promotes your content through a current page setting that is intended to build speed and lessen stacking time on smartphones.

Essentially, every article will be seen through a stripped-down HTML standard page, promptly accessible to users in a circular arrangement, conspicuously included at the highest point of most versatile search pages.

That being stated, AMP isn't reasonable for each page. Or maybe, as it is currently, it is implied for article distributers who need to convey their content to the users rapidly. Along these lines, specialized details are set by the AMP framework. Given so, you'll have somewhat restricted utilization of different elements, for example, Javascript – a fundamental segment for page components like web shapes.

Benefits of using AMP in SEO:

While AMP pages advance the responsive user experience, it can likewise be a tremendous advantage for your overall marketing and SEO strategy. The following are the main reasons for which it is popular among SEO agencies in Los Angeles and all over the world:

  1. The most compelling motivation of using AMP content as an SEO help is on the grounds that these pages appear on the Google News Carousels.

In this manner, being included as an AMP page implies more consideration over the search engine. You can be certain that as an ever increasing number of organizations join in to distribute their content digitally, the more vital it will be for you to be on the AMP arrange in order to become more visible.

  1. Stacking time is a central point in affecting anyone’s SERP positioning. Apart from it, your normal smartphone user won't sit tight for over six seconds for a page to stack. As a result, what you need is a speedier page that takes hardly 1-2 seconds to load. Note that the higher you rank the more visible your content becomes.
  1. Not just will speed have your visitors remaining on your page for more, it will likewise help in diminishing your overall bounce rate. While it may not be the most imperative variable for SEO ranking, a low bounce rate is an approval for the web search engines that your pages offer what they say and that your intended audience is able to find them easily.

You can rely on AMP for your articles, blogs, and rest of the content. Pages that are using AMP for SEO rank comparatively higher in search engines.

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