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How Doing Great Presentations Affects Growth Marketing Success

Date published: June 28, 2022
Last updated: June 28, 2022

Growth marketing is an extremely powerful tool for both growing your company and providing a path toward long-term success. Whether you’re a self-taught business owner or the best growth marketing agency, there are usually a few standard methods and terms that come to mind. One of the most notable of those practices is cross channel marketing.

Put simply, cross channel marketing is servicing all levels of the client funnel. That means starting with getting your name out there from the top of the funnel where people are discovering you. Growth marketing success strategies should have a plan from the top all the way down to satisfied customers who are referring you.

This multi-faceted approach requires a variety of different strategies and content. One area people when coming up with a growth marketing strategy is using quality presentations to your advantage. Dovetailing nicely with the previously mentioned cross channel marketing, presentations can help your marketing campaign in more than one way.

1. Thought Leadership in the Company

There are multiple ways that customers can feel a connection to a brand. Two common ways to accomplish this is through loyalty to a product itself or through visibility of company leadership.

When leaders become synonymous with the brand, product, or service they represent, it has the potential to benefit growth marketing agencies. After all, Tim Cook, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates can easily be matched up to their brands by most members of the population. Therefore, any activity and interest they generate through their personal brand is going to have an effect on their associated businesses.

Businesses of all sizes can use this same concept to raise their executives in the public eye to create a consumer connection to their associated ventures. Presentations are a good way to get your people exposure and position them as thought leaders. These leaders can build connections with people and give them another way to find your business and gain their loyalty.

Building Thought Leadership

For example, a company can enact a growth marketing success strategy involving SEO strategies and link building directly to their home page, product, or service. If the company also has a strong thought leader regularly putting out blog and video content, this creates an alternative traffic pathway. Customers can build a connection through either the company’s product quality or through interest in the individual thought leader.

Presenting at a variety of events builds up a thought leader’s credentials and authority. Some people might want to start with online presentations before moving up to in-person events. Even starting small can begin to build a reputation as an engaging speaker and give the necessary experience to work up to bigger venues.

Once thought leadership is established, new resources can potentially become available. For example, some leaders might be invited to regularly contribute to publications such as Forbes. These opportunities for attention to both the thought leader and their corresponding business endeavors can yield great results in your growth marketing strategy.

2. Growth Marketing Successes in Quality Video Content

Having a diverse array of content types can be extremely valuable. If you only create written content, you might be missing out on strategies from video content. For example, better videos tend to convert better on email marketing and ads.

So where do presentations fit into all of this? Whether you take part in online or in-person presentations, you have a convenient opportunity to essentially “double dip” on your time. If you give online presentations, simply record the event. By doing so, you have footage that you can parse for dynamic marketing selections. If you are giving a presentation in person, request a colleague record it or check to see if the event organizer has standard recording practices you might be able to access.

Maximizing Video Quality

If you’re wanting to use presentation footage for your marketing efforts, a little extra attention to detail is recommended. For online presentations, check the lighting in the room to make sure your face isn’t shadowed or washed out. Also, record against a neutral backdrop or with supporting visual aids related to your topic. You can give an engaging speech, but the impact might be lost if your grocery list is stuck on the wall behind you.

The same overall concepts apply for video content created from in person presentations. You might have less control over your environment than with a video presentation. However, you can still control your personal appearance and the quality of your footage. There is a stark difference between jostled, grainy video taken on an outdated phone and crisp footage from a quality device.

The bottom line is to prepare for the dual purpose ahead of your presentations and not make the opportunity for video content an afterthought. By planning ahead, you can get better quality video and therefore better results when you use it in your growth marketing strategy.

3. Increased Sales

Getting your business name more visibility and searchability is more so a metric of growth marketing than an end goal. Sure, it’s great if you’re ranking higher on Google searches, but that doesn’t fulfill the end game of growth marketing. Putting it bluntly, the main goal is almost always an increase in sales.

The longer you can capture a viewer’s attention, the more likely it will result in a sale. In a recent survey, more than 70% of participants noted they prefer to learn about products or services via video. As noted above, presentations are great opportunities to obtain quality video footage. It’s valuable not only for thought leadership branding, but also for just visually displaying your product or service. By having presentation videos on your site, you are potentially increasing your odds of conversion rate advancements.

For in-person presentations, you have the opportunity to form direct relationships. These potential relationships might include individuals interested in engaging your business or being a valuable partner. While it might seem outdated in today’s digitized world, sometimes the in-person interactions form the strongest and most beneficial connections. By neglecting this traditional marketing strategy, you and your quarterly sales figures could be missing out.

Presentations for Success

For both small business owners and growth marketing agencies, growth marketing success depends on a variety of factors. A major one, however, is whether or not you are using your resources to the best of your ability. If you aren’t using presentations in your strategy, you might find it’s a resource that would noticeably increase the effectiveness of your growth marketing efforts.

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