Marketing Hub to Close Will Transition to Growth Hub

Today, co-founder Dharmesh Shah announced that the site would be retired. Since 2012, has been one of the marketing world’s foremost networking communities.

Founded by Moz creator Rand Fishkin and Hubspot founder Dharmesh Shah, was a platform where marketing professionals and enthusiasts could come together and explore the in’s and out’s of the industry, share insights, learn from each other, and collaborate.

Shah briefly explains why he decided to sunset in a press release,

“The way people find and share content has changed a great deal since’s inception. With the growth of messaging platforms and the sharpening of social recommendation engines, content curation via community submission and voting is useful — but not indispensable.”

The essence of will live on however, in the form of a new community platform called Growth Hub.

Per the press release, members will be able to migrate their data, karma/points, and their membership start date so that they can get credit for being an early community member.

On the transition to, Dharmesh Shah states,

HubSpot’s mission is to help millions of organizations grow better. We think helping people connect, collaborate, and learn is an important part of that mission. We all grow better together. We are committed to investing in community and so we’re launching a new community and network initiative. We’re calling it the Growth Hub and it will live at It’s a place for growth professionals (marketing, sales, and service) to connect, collaborate and learn.”

A Brief History of

The story of started with Rand Fishkin and Dharmesh Shah. The two entrepreneurs strived to create a platform where marketers could, first and foremost, discover great content. As the platform evolved, marketers could engage with organizations and agencies, find employment opportunities and connect with other professionals based on mutual interests.

In November 2013, Hubspot Labs picked up the funding of the company and in turn, helped one million marketers learn, connect, and find jobs. Despite retiring, the company continues to value their members and contributors just as much as their in-house team. As of today, has over 260,000 members.

Moving Forward

For users, the migration to Growth Hub will be opt-in. Shah made it clear that although the new community shares the same values and vision as, they will be taking a different approach with it.

Emma Brudner, director of, stated in an email sent to members, “This was not an easy decision to make, but we think it’s the right one.” She also mentioned that users will still be able to keep in touch with their fellow Inbounders through a thread that will live on Hubspot community.

Access to the thread was emailed to the site’s members.’s content will also be available as a permanent resource on Growth Hub.’s retirement and subsequent rebirth as Growth Hub is bittersweet. The site may not be exactly the same but new connections, ideas, and will undoubtedly flourish under the new platform.

Shah ended the press release with this statement,

“Rand and I may have started this community, but it’s each of you who made it what it is. I also want to personally thank the extended team that has built and supported the community over the years. You built something special.”