One of the most frequent questions inexperienced business owners ask me is “Which is better for my online visibility- SEO or PPC?” Answering this question isn’t that simple, as your investment depends on your current…
SEO vs. PPC: Which is Better for your Marketing Strategy?
  • 121
  • 02/15
  • Nate Vickery
Google has confirmed that links are still among the top ranking factors, citing that ranking without the links is challenging. In fact, good-quality links in 2019 matter more than ever. The rules, however, have changed…
  • 176
  • 02/14
  • Jon Kelly
Links are everywhere online. When you read a Wikipedia page, you see dozens. But how many links out there on the internet link back to your website? The answer may matter more than you think.…
Why You Should Care About Links
You know how many websites are on the Internet? NetCraft reported that there are 1 Billion websites on the Internet! With increasing competition each day, it is hard to get your website on top in…
3 Ways Getting an SSL Certificates Benefits Your SEO Strategy
  • 322
  • 01/28
  • Manan G
Website testing is an unavoidable necessity but nearly every website owner will agree that it is a very tedious exercise that everyone is forced to do because they have to get their SEO system right.…
Is SEO the New Website Testing – How is SEO Dominating Website Testing?
  • 184
  • 01/24
  • Karun Verma
Search engine optimization involves a lot of activities. While a lot of SEO initiatives are local to the site itself, there are also numerous efforts that should be taken off-page. These essential off-page SEO techniques…
8 Proven Off-Page SEO Techniques That Can Impact your Rankings In 2019
  • 688
  • 01/18
  • John Vuong
SEO is changing, and Google is much smarter than it used to be! Mobile-first indexing and fast loading speed for your website are creating lots of buzz. Google has started the process of migrating sites…
2019 SEO Trends: 5 Best Mobile SEO Strategies to Follow
  • 521
  • 12/24
  • Nick Patel
Existing as an online marketer in 2018 means perpetually living in the present. It means consistently being aware of the ongoing SEO trends. It also means knowing how to apply those trends to your goals…
5 Blockbuster SEO Trends For 2019 And Beyond
  • 597
  • 12/20
  • Team Relevance
Do you want to increase your site traffic? It can be done if you make a few necessary changes.Speaking of changes, have you considered getting an SSL certificate? Getting the HTTPS certificate is a sure…
3 Ways Getting an SSL Certificates Benefits Your SEO Strategy
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the Holy Grail for today’s marketers and website owners. There probably isn’t a bigger joy than seeing your website hit the top position in the search engine result pages (SERPs).…
3 Ways Getting an SSL Certificates Benefits Your SEO Strategy
  • 336
  • 12/17
  • Renu Sharma
If you are a big fan of Hollywood movies, you may find it discomforting to see how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its way into our lives. In reality, however, the advancement in AI technology…
5 Ways AI Is Changing Digital Marketing Practices
  • 249
  • 12/06
  • Patrick Austin
Most won’t get it but some would agree. Using same keyword as an anchor text is not only stupid because every time you do it, you bring your website closer to getting penalizes by big…
How to Use Anchor Text in Guest Posts [2018 Penalty Free Method]
  • 265
  • 12/05
  • Mian Azhar
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