The ranking of pages on Google is based on how interesting, authoritative and informative that page is. If you know how to create content that becomes authority pages, you can race ahead to the top of Google rankings quickly. When your page has useful and high value content, it gets shared in blogs, on Twitter and other similar online resources over time.

How To Crack the SEO Success Code

Google is always on the lookout for these pages that signify authority on a specific subject. A steady stream of high quality, original content powered pages can easily create a cycle of powerful and sustainable rankings for your pages. To crack this formula successfully, you must have a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy in place.

Search Engine Optimization, simply known as SEO, is the technique which ensures that your content can be easily located in search engine for specific keywords and phrases, relevant to what your website is offering for a particular niche. It can be termed in a broader sense as a quality control check tool of your website but undoubtedly, SEO is much more than that. At the same time, SEO is one of the most misunderstood and confusing technology in the world of digital marketing.

This is how SEO works at the basic level:

  • Create high quality and original content for your web pages
  • Distribute and publicize your content.
  • Get the community to interact on your content and share it.
  • Create links to the content and connect with other sites of similar standing
  • Get a huge boost for your online reputation and a consequent improvement in ranking on search engines

Technology And Creativity Combined

The task of any SEO expert is to simply combine technology and creativity in an attempt to boost web page ranking in the natural search results for a specific search term on all major search engines. There are technical aspects involved in creating the perfect SEO strategy for your website. These include page speed, page structure and of course, quality content which is less technical and more of a creative thing powered by loads of common sense. Any way you look at it, SEO involves lots of hard work and it can take some time before results start showing up.

When it comes to SEO, there are no quick fix solutions and there are simply no shortcuts to success.  SEO, when done right by involving digital marketing experts, can help your business cement its position among the top pages of Google and other popularly used search engines. It can help generate web traffic and enquiries that is the lifeline of any business.

The main factors involved in creating a solid and successful SEO strategy are:

  • Content Marketing
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization

The secret to creating quality content is to create quality pieces that are relevant to your visitors. Focus on posting informative blogs and articles and social media content. Content also includes e-books, white paper on topics that your audience is interested in and video and audio posts.

On-Page Optimization are SEO factors such as title tag,  meta descriptions, headings and sub-headings, internal links, ALT Tags, and others.

Off-Page optimization includes links, social signals such as shares and likes and others.

Black Hat & White Hat SEO

Another important thing to remember about SEO is that there are two types of approaches to optimization – Black Hat and White Hat.

Black Hat SEO involves using tactics that are not approved of and may not meet the moral and ethical standards of SEO practices. In this type of SEO, the focus is solely on optimizing content for search engines using means that are dubious and unethical. While these sites may gain in ranking quickly, the gain is never long-lasting. Such sites may be also heavily penalized or even banned by search engines.

White Hat SEO strategies are aimed at building a sustainable business online using legally accepted methods. The focus is on getting human audience to click on websites and get them to read the content or carry out the desired action.

Well executed SEO campaigns can dramatically transform businesses. It can help you in putting your enterprise on the fast track to growth, success and profits. Without the right SEO strategy, you simply cannot expect your business to remain competitive and make progress.

Using the services of a reputed and experienced SEO service is highly recommended to ace search engine rankings and to take your business to its deserving high perch.