10 Sure-Shot Tips to Become a Social Media Influencer

Influencer marketing is growing big and is projected to hit revenues of 5-10 billion dollars in the next two years. Brands are increasingly turning to social media influencers for recommending their products and services to a larger and more genuine audience.

The increasing ROI from the influencer activities have made the brands collaborate and increasingly spend more on content creators, and micro and macro influencers.

Now, if you thought that becoming a social media influencer is an easy and fun job, you’ve got it all wrong. Social media influencers are 100% committed to their job and market brands that align with their personality.

So, let us get into the ways and means on becoming a social media influencer and making it big online.

1. Find your niche

Just because travel blogs and accounts are a hit among people, you cannot become a social media influencer in traveling if you are simply not interested in it.

Your first task is to find a topic that interests you. If you are passionate about dancing, then you can go ahead with it.

Travel, fitness, style, music, dance, acting, sports, stories, food, online gaming, shopping – there are many topics to select from. While some may be too common, others may be quite different.

But be cautious that you have to be comfortable putting it forth to the audience.

2. Prepare

Follow the top blogs and articles to see what improvements can be made. Try to familiarize yourself with all the new things about it.

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Carefully analyze other social media influencers in this area and assess how they go about their task and what uniqueness they offer to their followers that get them more likes and comments.

3. Be unique

Social media influencers need to have unique plans that will set them apart from the rest.

Some ideas may click while others may fail miserably. But always try to incorporate different things that will set the tone for you to be different.

Do your research on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to get ideas and suggestions.

Unboxing was a unique concept that rapidly gained popularity. So, you never know what and when something clicks.

Your aim is to try to be as unique as possible.

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4. Plan it out

Once you have done your research on your topic, the next step would be to formulate a plan.

Take help from your friends. Ask them for input and feedback.

Make a checklist of all the things that you have to do, like creating social media accounts, content strategy for your profile, videos, topics, followers, and so on. Make a rough schedule of what and how you would post the content.

Get to know the features and operations of popular social media accounts. Know how to schedule posts and plan the frequency of posts on each social media account. Learn about the usage of hashtags by following popular accounts.

5. Create accounts on popular social media sites

There are so many social media platforms to choose from and create your account. Decide on your target audience and then decide on creating accounts. Some platforms enable sharing simultaneously on their other social media accounts.

Another important aspect is social media optimization. Your profile should be filled out properly so that you are able to score high on search engine page results.

Your profile has to be captivating with the right content and images. Try to keep your profile name across all accounts.

6. Build a real community

Once you create an account and set your profile, the next step is to get followers.

First, fill in the account with good posts. Start with a few followers who are your friends and relatives. Gradually, start building a community by inviting people who follow similar interests.

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Attend webinars, answer questions on Quora, tweet through your Twitter account, and share ideas on LinkedIn.

As you grow, engage with your followers and see what they expect from you.

7. Network with and follow like-minded people

An influencer grows when they have loyal and authentic followers. As an influencer, you are as good as your followers.

But do not make the mistake of buying likes and followers on your social media accounts. They will guarantee you followers, but they remain inactive.

Never hurry to get the quantity of followers. Focus on the quality followers first and keep them engaged. This will help you to grow organically.

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8. Experiment and Grow

Social media influencing is all about experimenting. You cannot afford to be ignorant about the latest developments on social media.

Stay ahead of your competitors. Research and innovate for ideas. Repost photos of customers wearing your promoted products so that you are able to gain their trust. Use location tags and hashtags, and provide a story behind the post. Reference your other social media profiles in the post.

You can gradually start your own website and blogs. Provide links to your website through your social media accounts.

9. Collaborate with other influencers and brands

Being a social media influencer doesn’t mean that you promote brands left, right and center. The brand you choose to promote has to align with your personality.

Work closely with other social media influencers so that you are able to get followers from them as well. It is a win-win situation for both.

Guest posting on other websites increases your visibility and this, in turn, increases the traffic to your account.

10. Be consistent

Influencing is hard, but don’t let any setbacks hinder your growth. Along with being consistent, you have to work hard. Influencing takes both time and dedication.

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Make good use of social media features to cross-promote your other accounts. Always look out for trending topics and new features to follow.

And, do not forget to answer the queries raised by followers in the comments section. Engaging your followers through opinion and comment makes them trust you and become loyal.


Social media influencers cannot afford slackness. With intense competition all around, they have to keep themselves updated all the while. A million followers can be a reality provided you work hard towards the goal.

The community has the power to decide if you can become a famous celebrity social media influencer. With consistent planning, you can set the tone to become one!