6 Tips For Getting People To Share Your Content

Your articles are great, your info graphics are fantastic and you notice that users click on them quite frequently… but why do so few people share them?

The popularity of content usually depends on its quality and clickability, but not always. Sometimes it’s all about proper interaction with the audience or non-standard approach. We have prepared six practical pieces of advice to help you achieve the desired number of social shares.

1. Consult

If you are willing to become an expert in potential customers’ eyes, you should become an excellent adviser. Offer your subscribers some useful tips and tricks that will help them solve their problems.

Use pictures to attract more attention and make your ideas quick and easy to understand. Answer questions that appear more frequently than others, be helpful and positive. Tell potential customers about dangers they can avoid.

Here you can also discuss problems that concern you. Post on this topic will help subscribers to see the person behind your brand and convince them to visit homepage oftentimes. To promote your website, you may also tell your customers about your product and the use of it. If you do not know how to do it right, you can use professional assistance and get a custom writer to help you with this. This encourages your subscribers to share a non-standard information with friends. For example, how many ways of cooking marshmallow do you know? And how about your friends? It’s worth sharing with them.

2. Entertain

Webmasters should write qualitative articles. If the content is interesting and unique, most users will share information with friends or colleagues. It is important to give not only text and images, but also visual elements (tables with graphs) in the article. One of the cores of content marketing is to write capacious headlines. About 80% of readers, having looked at the headline, will decide whether they should read a whole text.

It’s not a secret that visual content attracts users. Large photos and pictures, posts accompanied by thematic images, philosophic citation added on them are the main tools of SEO marketing. Use funny phrases and pictures of your brand corresponding to the holiday/current global events in your publications.

3. Ask

Another option of interactive communication is to invite your subscribers for participation in a survey or express an opinion in the comments under the post. When you think about the topic for the next article, try to find out what your readers would like to read about. Using this method, you will kill two birds with one stone. The subscribers will be happy that their opinion is valuable to you and you will promote your content by a perfect involving material. This creates a closer relationship between the brand and consumers. Make posts, which encourage users to discussions.

For instance, if you are a manufacturer of baby products, then it is unnecessary to talk with the audience only about novelties and product features. Discuss with them 10 commandments for super-mummies. This article will be interesting for subscribers and inspire them to exchange views in comments. When you involve readers and commentators in a discussion, they feel themselves a part of the content creation process, which motivates them to share it with their surroundings.

4. Intrigue

If you want people to share your content, make the headlines catchy and bright. When posting on Twitter or Facebook, provide it with curious data or an intriguing quote. Interesting information, facts, statistics is a strong motivating factor for your readers. Every person wants to be acquainted with the latest news from certain spheres. Sharing messages with unique content, we commit this in the manner of shouting to the crowd of our followers: “Look what I found!” Information should be reliable, then users will share it. Be aware, that if your heading is nothing but a clickbait, your audience would just get disappointed or even mad.

Any reader has both professional and personal interest. The author of the content needs to consider this. Otherwise, articles should contain small deviations, reflections, in other words. everything that can turn a word flow into a friendly conversation.

5. Reward

There is no such person who does not like free gifts. Promise readers “a gift for a like” and you will easily check it. Frequently, bonuses and gifts are made to registered users. As soon as the visitor shares the content, he can be sent to:

  • exciting book;
  • discount on the goods;
  • everything, which can be interesting to a reader.

It is important to indicate which bonus or gift the reader will receive. In addition, you can offer a mutual exchange of posts in social media. This will increase the chance that the user will share an article on the social network. If you reach some important step – for example, 50,000 subscribers or 40,000 customers, the company’s birthday, anything – thank your readers/subscribers/customers. Show that you appreciate their contribution to your success. Such posts create an atmosphere of trust between your customers and you.

6. Inspire

Motivational posts always work well. It does not matter, you take them from books and films or come up yourself. Choose something that relates to your audience, and subscribers will have a huge desire to share it with friends.