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Brand Promotion Red Flags: How To Instantly Know That You May Flop?

Date published: March 21, 2019
Last updated: March 21, 2019

Starting a business is hard, but maintaining a business is even harder. However, sometimes one might notice from the very start that failure is imminent and their whole world is about to crumble down. The fear of such a scenario is justified, as the majority of small businesses fail entirely in the very first year. The reasons for that are numerous, but the real problem is that many believe there is nothing they can do to prevent failure from happening in the first place.

Brand promotion and business maintenance all boil down to a game of numbers and clever tactics. There also needs to be an organization, brand objectives and expectations that need to be met. You may want to create the best essay writing service  where you can buy  a custom paper but sometimes, you don't pay attention to the most important thing: it is not easy at all. Many competitors will be far ahead of you without you even realizing it. Sure, failure is not an option, but what happenes when a failure is definitely an option. In case you're reading this, chances are you are experiencing the beginning of the end of your brand. Well, we won't let that happen, as we created a list of signs your brand is failing and ways you can fix it.

Your brand design is outdated

When it comes to marketing and branding, the visual identity you ascribe to your brand is something that's either going to make it or break it. Many business owners don't realize this, but the logo representing your brand is actually the first thing people see and connect to the name of your company and the services that you offer. Therefore, the logo needs to be in line with the current trends and demands of the market, and not appear as if it was made in the 90s. There is nothing wrong, however, having a logo from the 90s, but it still needs to be updated according to current standards.

If you do have a logo that is outdated, make sure to hire a graphic designer who is going to update, redesign or design an entirely new logo. Either way, a professional will make your brand's logo professional as well. A graphic designer knows exactly how to create something that is attention-grabbing and long-lasting in one's memory, so in order to save your brand from failing, make sure to hire one. It is money well invested.

You don't promote on social media

In order to prevent failure and attract success, your brand needs a social media presence. Regardless of whether you are an established brand or a small, local business, social media should be an essential part of your business marketing strategy. Social media presence builds awareness of your brand to the customers and indirectly increases sales and visibility to other, potential customers. It also shows that your brand is direct, open, trustworthy and approachable. It doesn't communicate authority but rather approachability and friendly connection to the customers and consumers.

Social media is also a great way to show the authenticity of your brand. It allows you to create customized and optimized promotions that are unique to your brand and can be changed on a daily basis. It also encourages the engagement of your audience with your brand and products, as well as enables them to provide support and spread the word of affordability and approachability of your brand. This will surely save your failing brand from the complete doom, so create that Instagram account and start posting.

You are overconfident

Overconfidence, also known as the Icarus paradox, is proof that too much of good intention can be bad for your business. Regardless of whether your brand is established and successful, or on its way to becoming such, overconfidence may put a halt to it for sure. Take this case for example; according to FeeDough, Kellog's attempt to conquer the Indian market has been studied as one of the biggest brand failures of the 90s. The brand was surely overconfident due to its success in other countries and failed to adapt and improve in line with the cultural insights and requirements of the Indian market.

Just as the curiosity killed the cat, so could overconfidence kill your brand. Make sure to step onto the market confident in your brand and products, but always stay cautious and humble on your way to success. Make sure to focus on the quality of your products and services, and let the positive feedback speak for itself. There is no need for overconfidence, as everyone is susceptible to mistakes, big or small.

You don't have a marketing strategy

Many marketers and business owners don't feel the need to do thorough research based on data and evidence that drive their marketing strategies. Moreover, there are also business owners who don't have marketing strategies, to begin with. In such cases, brand failure is inevitable, unless the business owners finally realize the importance of marketing strategies.

Effective marketing strategies are known to have a significant impact on brand awareness and well as on sales. Also, only through marketing can you know your brand's equity and affinity levels. Marketing strategies, when applied correctly, can provide business owners with qualitative and quantitative information, enabling them to deal with 'targeting' the right audience and 'positioning' of the brand on the market. If there are no marketing strategies, a brand simply cannot survive on the market long enough to actually expect any success. Marketing strategies can also be a source of new ideas and concepts you can use to boost your brand's awareness out in the world, which is just as important as all of the suggestions mentioned above.

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