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20 Free Content Marketing Tools You Can't Live Without

Date published: March 19, 2015
Last updated: March 19, 2015

In the world of content marketing, the name of the game often boils down to finding the point of balance between the opposing factors of quality and efficiency in content creation, timing, and budget considerations. With this in mind, let’s go over the 20 free content marketing tools that need to be on your development radar if you’re serious about offering engaging and relevant content in a timely fashion.

  1. Hive – As the first free and unlimited cloud storage service on the web, Hive is perfect for gathering and protecting your valuable branded content and other organizational documents.
  2. Grammarly – Tired of wondering if it’s “they’re,” “their,” or “there?” Grammarly combs over your content and points out any grammar mistakes, as well as offering context-relevant suggestions and replacements.
  3. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer – Created by the Advanced Marketing Institute, this headline analyzer reviews the emotional impact of your content title and helps you pinpoint the perfect wording that makes an impact with the person on the other side of the screen.
  4. Click To Tweet – Just like the name implies, this tool gives your audience an easy-to-use button that simplifies the social sharing process on Twitter.
  5. Google Trends – For the marketer or writer that can’t figure out what to write about, Google Trends offers up insight into the latest search queries, as well as which topics currently generate a major amount of buzz.
  6. SEO Site Checkup – As far as free search engine optimization (SEO) tools go, few offer as many bells and whistles as SEO Site Checkup. From site load times to warnings sorted by page, this tool inspects all the nooks and crannies of your domain.
  7. Internet Marketing Ninja’s Broken Link Tool – Great content can only go so far on the web. If you really want to drive traffic numbers up, ensuring all of your links are up and running is vital to the process. Letting this savvy crawling tool do the work for you can save time and plenty of headaches.
  8. Hemingway App – from illogical sentence structure to passive voice, the Hemingway App offers up guidance and suggestions regarding the composition of your text content.
  9. Kraken – Unleash the Kraken! Well, not the mythical sea serpent, but rather this nifty image compression and optimization tool that can help speed up page load times.
  10. Editorial Calendar – This WordPress plugin makes scheduling and managing current and upcoming posts a breeze with its simple drag and drop interface.
  11. Meme Generator – While most might think of memes as little more than funny images, the truth of the matter is that memes can add a little extra flair and viral trajectory to your social posts and blog content.
  12. HTML5 UP – This database offers up a plethora of graphically pleasing and responsive HTML5 and CSS3 web designs, all for the low, low cost of free.
  13. Lean Domain Search – Looking for a fitting domain name for a new project or web page? Lean Domain Search scours the web in seconds to help find available domain names of all shapes and sizes.
  14. Copyscape – Letting others plagiarize your content, intentional or otherwise, is something you simply can’t afford to let happen, so Copyspace offers a helping hand by taking a peek at every corner of the web in search of other copies. (Bonus: Copyscape also offers a premium variation that checks your content before it goes live to ensure that it is both unique and original.)
  15. WP Hide Post – Much like Editorial Calendar, WP Hide Post aims to manage your blog content once it’s published and live. By hiding certain elements on each page, this tool helps promote a smoother, more refined user experience.
  16. Liberio – If you’re looking to whip up something more than a basic blog post, Liberio offers content creation tools for eBooks, all from a nice and neat package that operates out of your Google Drive account.
  17. GTMetrics – Nobody wants to wait on a site to load, even if the content is out of this world. To ensure you’re not failing on this front, GTMetrics offers a free, comprehensive breakdown of your page’s speed performance, as well as tips and tricks for improving load times.
  18. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator – HubSpot’s take on exploring engaging blog ideas utilizes a series of noun entries to generate a custom list of unique and useful topics.
  19. Open Link Profiler – When it comes to backlinks and the current SEO landscape, ensuring the quality of these connections to your site is far more important than bulking up on raw numbers. With this in mind, Open Link Profiler offers a comprehensive analysis of up to 200,000 links related to your site.
  20. Digg Digg – Finally, everyone wants to watch their content go viral, and few tools help achieve this goal quite like the Digg Digg WordPress plugin. With access to Facebook, Google+, and a variety of other platforms, this tool gives your loyal viewers everything they need to spread the word about your offerings to family and friends.

With this toolkit roundup in hand (and bookmarked in your browser), you should be well on your way to taking the world of content marketing by storm. To learn more about content generation or other services and tools that could streamline your process even more, come talk with one of our content experts at

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