4 Reasons You Should Use LinkedIn As A B2B Marketer

linkedin for B2b marketers

LinkedIn is one of the oldest social networks in the world. Today, it boasts of more than 600 million registered accounts, of which more than half are active.Business professionals around the world use LinkedIn daily. This makes using LinkedIn as a B2B marketing strategy essential.

Many organizations, however, don’t pay enough attention to LinkedIn. They are losing on one of the best sources of B2B lead generation. Here are some of the unique opportunities LinkedIn allows you to pursue.

Reason #1: LinkedIn is great for building relationships with potential customers

LinkedIn is tailored to networking and connecting with your peers. Savvy B2B marketers leverage its tools to build relationships with potential customers.

If you subscribe to LinkedIn Premium, the Advanced Search feature is amazing at instantly surfacing leads who fit your ideal customer profile based on set criteria. This means that you can immediately proceed to build a relationship with people most likely to convert.

Start commenting on the articles and posts that your new prospects share. Engage them in a discussion. Compliment their expertise. Why does relationship-building work so great for B2B marketers on LinkedIn? Studies say that LinkedIn is three times more likely to bring you more conversions than Twitter or Facebook. It’s certainly worth the time investment.

Such an approach will warm them up and make more responsive to your business pitch. Active members of the LinkedIn community can share your content with their networks. This expands your reach and helps you get in touch with prospects you might never have met otherwise.

Reason #2: LinkedIn helps you generate more leads

The LinkedIn community is made up of business professionals. It makes sense to add LinkedIn to your content marketing strategy and target them.

You can duplicate the content on your website, share links to it or write new content for LinkedIn. Each approach helps you reach potential customers via their preferred platform. Just remember that copywriting differs across mediums. What worked for you on Twitter won’t necessarily translate into LinkedIn clicks.

Most leads probably don’t subscribe to your blog. But they just might read an article you wrote if it’s shared on LinkedIn. (By the way, duplicating content doesn’t directly affect your search rankings, but you might want to wait a bit before republishing.)

The process becomes even more powerful if you start participating in LinkedIn groups. Join groups related to your industry and submit content there. LinkedIn groups attract the most engaged members of the community.

Reason #3: LinkedIn builds traffic to your website

On a related note, LinkedIn is a great source of new traffic. There are a couple of things you should do to ensure that people visit your website:

  • Add a call-to-action to each article you share on LinkedIn telling readers to visit your blog;
  • Link to your other blog posts throughout articles you write on LinkedIn;
  • Share content that adds to the discussion for popular articles on LinkedIn.

Ask your readers to visit your page to learn more, subscribe to your email newsletter and so on. Once you earn a name for yourself, LinkedIn can attract a lot of new visitors to your business. The trick here is to engage potential customers with helpful content on LinkedIn, while hinting that there’s more on your other resources (like a website).

Reason #4: It allows you to become a thought leader

If you’re targeting B2B market, LinkedIn is very popular with that crowd (over 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn). Which means it’s a perfect place to build your reputation.

Participation in LinkedIn groups will engage most active members of the community. How big of a community? By the end of 2018 LinkedIn boasts of more than 2 million registered groups.

Share insightful content on LinkedIn, and people will start listening. Consider starting a conversation with industry experts, leaving comments and replies to the content they share, too.

This kind of a networking will secure your business a lot of opportunities for the future. But more importantly, it cements your place as a respected participant of the community — somebody whose opinion people value. This obviously translates into more conversions down the road.


There are various ways you can take advantage of LinkedIn to generate leads and promote your business. If you’re pursuing B2B marketing, having a strategy when it comes to LinkedIn is basically a no-brainer.

Otherwise, you’re losing too many opportunities — and with LinkedIn poised to continue growing in 2019 and beyond, you just can’t afford to ignore it.

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