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6 Editing and Proofreading Tools for Strategic Content Writing

Date published: July 27, 2016
Last updated: July 27, 2016

Getting readers to pay attention to your content is difficult at the best of times, thanks to the deluge of businesses out there vying for the same audience. How do you make your brand stand out from the rest? One simple thing that you may not have thought of is using proofreading and editing tools to polish your posts into high quality pieces of writing. Another way of rolling out error-free, high quality content is to use grammar check software. Here are six tools that will up your writing game and your conversion rate.


WordRake is downloaded into Microsoft Word and Outlook, and seeks to clarify your writing by editing it into something clear and to the point. Click the 'rake' button, and watch as the tool goes through your work, suggesting edits that can make good work great. If you're looking for an editing tool you can embed directly into the tool you write with, this is the one for you.

After The Deadline

When you're rushing to keep up with the latest trends and issues, you need to edit but really don't have the time to pore through your posts. This is where After the Deadline can shine. Simply paste your blog or post into the text box, and it will instantly show all errors and suggest edits that you can make quickly.

Custom Writing Service

To get your blog or account visited regularly, you need to update regularly and keep your readers engaged. However, when you're short on time, the first thing that can slide is your blogging. When you're struggling for time, a writing service like Boom Essays can create engaging blog posts with the information you give them, keeping you relevant.


From the creators of the popular Write or Die app comes editMinion, which can be customized to help you edit your posts. Paste your text in, and then choose from several options to look for multiple errors, including weak words, cliché, and the passive voice. If you know what you want to improve in your own writing, this is a great way of working on it.

Proofread Bot

This automatic proof reader takes all of the heavy lifting out of checking your work for errors. Simply paste the text in to the tool, and it will underline all of the issues it finds, showing you the quality of your work at a glance. Plus, it will give you suggestions for how to amend your word to make it more readable. If you struggle to spot the errors in your writing, Proofread Bot is the tool for you.

Grammar Check

Grammar Check has a clean and simple interface, which is helpful if you don't like cluttered sites and desktops. Just input your writing, and it will give you all the errors it finds. Click on the underlined errors, and you'll find helpful advice on how they can be corrected. Additionally, the site features a blog that publishes useful grammar tips and advice, useful if you're looking to brush up on your skills.

With these six tools, you can improve your writing drastically and create posts and blogs that are engaging, high quality and keep readers coming back for more. Try them out and see just how much your readership grows.

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