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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Server Monitoring Software

Date published: February 13, 2019
Last updated: February 13, 2019

Keeping your network organized can be difficult. For larger businesses, this means having over 100 computers that are managed and running efficiently. And with such a large quantity, it can be difficult to manage the server through manual methods.

Every network needs server monitoring software. By obtaining it, you’ll find it easier to monitor your employee behavior and then make rational decisions based on what issues arrive. Throughout this guide, we’d like to show you the reasons why you should switch to server monitoring software today.

Increased Productivity

From its initial step and beyond, your IT team will appreciate the extra time that’s gained by using server monitoring software. When the automated software detects the suspicious object on the network, it alerts the user by directing your attention towards the issue. The alerts can be sent to you or the company that’s giving the monitoring service.

Prevents Smaller Issues From Getting Worse

When a network fails, it can take some time to be fixed. However, simple fixes in this nature will prevent bigger issues from occurring and will require minimal assistance from your IT team.

Increased Security

Continuous monitoring of the system's immediate installation of security patches and firewalls highly reduce the chance of the system failing due to hackers. This will also reduce the number of spam relays, freeing the capacity of the server for the work you intend to complete. Reduced downtime will turn into happier clients and better IT teams.

Advanced Warning on Important Hardware Upgrades

There comes a time when all of the hardware needs to have an update. With an advanced warning can show the difference between a seamless server experience or hours of unwanted downtime.

Remote monitoring helps you know which processor usage is at its limits, and when the hard drive disk space runs low and more.

Fix Issues More Efficiently

When the server is down, time is money. Server monitoring software makes it easier to solve problems for network professionals.

Whether you're dealing with an abnormal amount of traffic fluctuation or a configuration error, network monitoring software helps you get to the root of your issues once and for all. Live network maps will lead you to the origins of the problems while status windows will give you performance metrics over time.

Manage Growing, Dynamic Networks

With the rise of connected devices and technology innovation, today's IT environment is increasing in size. It's expected to reach over 20.4 billion interconnected devices in 2020.

Based on one Gartner report - while most of these products are consumer-focused, over 3.1 billion of these things will be used for business purposes in 2017. Whether that's cloud technologies, internet enabled sensors, or wireless equipment, all of these features need to be monitored for suspicious activity.

Also, networks are growing in size and complexity. Whether you're dealing with IPv6 transitions or cloud migrations, you need reliable, flexible tools that will ensure smooth performance and monitor your IT assets - even during the mist of change.


No matter the size of your business, you'll always need server monitoring software. This will help you keep your company on track and stop potential threats from entering your network. Conclusively, try to implement it to your business and see what opportunities and protection methods it provides you!

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