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9 Facts You Never Knew About Content Marketing

Date published: January 31, 2018
Last updated: January 31, 2018

Did you know that a great content marketing strategy can lead to a great experience for your customers? With the digital transformation and advancement in full swing, content is now the newest focal point when it comes to marketing your overall brand.

Interested? But first, let us define the term. Content Marketing is usually correlated with terms like custom content, branded content, sponsored content, or native advertising. Actually, Content Marketing is a strategic approach used by marketers today that is focused on creating and spreading relevant, valuable and consistent content that attract a clearly defined audience and most of all drive a customer to action.

In simple terms? You provide useful and relevant content to your customers, content that will help them in solving their issues instead of just pitching your services or products.

Here are some facts about content marketing that could definitely help you restructure your process of content marketing and bring more yes and shares along with more sales.

1. Content Marketing has been here for a long time

Is content marketing new? No sir! It has been here for a long time. In fact, a branded content magazine called “The Furrow” which targets farmers was first published in the year 1895 by John Deere. After a century, banner blindness and the rise of ad blockers has become a priority in the marketer’s toolkit in content marketing.

2. Good content equals to good marketing

And I don’t mean just good grammar. So, what if you had added nice words, but you kept on beating around the bush? Let me give you an example. You search the internet for the latest gadgets. What would you choose: a page full of nicely constructed words about the latest gadgets that go nowhere or a page with pictures and description of the latest gadgets? It’s quite obvious, you know. Like you, your audience is also looking for good content. Content is one of the main reasons why people follow brands. It is so much more than just sharing and creating stuff for SEO purposes and branding.

3. Engagement is the keyword

Even though this one is quite easy, many online marketing providers do not mostly focus on it. Most brands believe that engagement should be their priority, however, they most likely lose focus on it when marketing content. So, you write beautifully organized articles and publish amazing photos. So what if no one even takes a second to look at it?

4. Facebook should be your friend

Facebook is the number 1 when it comes to content discovery. Most marketing agencies will agree since Facebook is their first traffic source to content marketing. Facebook has 52% traffic contributions to different stories and only 9.7% of the traffic comes to the article coming from its homepage.

5. A Strong Headline is essential

An average person has an attention span of 8.5 seconds, so you need to think of a strong title for your story in order to pique your reader’s interest. A good headline will make the readers want to know more about your topic. 6 to 8 words make a standard headline and should give a reader the hint of what the body will contain.

 6. It is not about you

One of the biggest mistakes most companies of brand identity make is that they create content that is just about them. If you want to convert audiences into customers, you should adjust your content accordingly, like how your products could help or solve their problems. Do not just talk about the services and products you offer, descriptions and its features.

7. Building an audience is never easy

If you think you can gain a large audience overnight, then you’re dreaming. Building an audience can be hard and you will need to post premium, honest and relevant content that would be interesting to your readers. Moreover, you will need to hone your social media and content writing skills for the result to be visible over time.

8. Content marketing is a 24/7 chore

Not like any other forms of marketing, marketing on social media is done 24/7. Social networks have their own ideal time when posted contents bring in the most traffic. For example, posting on LinkedIn on Tuesday morning is better than other times and a Facebook post gathers audience on Thursday and Friday afternoons or during the weekends.

9. Get 1 Read and you will have 1,000 impressions

Depending on the campaign, a native ad units’ average click-through rate is anywhere between 0.1% and 0.8%, that means that a thousand impressions are needed to generate a single click and those clicks turn into article reads about 75% of the time. Putting them all together, it will take up to 1,300 social impressions to generate each read for your content. However, keep in mind that impressions are not specifically for stories but for display ads.


Content marketing goes a long way when it comes to popularizing and bringing stardom to any website. Now that you have acquired new knowledge about online marketing, are you now ready to attract more customers with your awesome content marketing? Go on and show off your newly acquired skills and attract more customers.

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