Adlava Works with Caesars Entertainment to Redesign an Award Winning Webpage

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Recently, Adlava collaborated with Caesars Entertainment Company. The project’s goal was to rebrand the website and give users the ability to partake in the Caesars Wellness Rewards Program where users can learn more about their program and take advantage of its features.

This website was launched at the beginning of 2018. And it combines the documents, resources, and information to create wellness appointments in a responsive web design appearance. Also, the website educates eligible members about the direct benefits of using the program.

Amanda Hernandi, Alava’s Senior Designer, worked with Caesar’s and developed a design strategy that allows members to accomplish their required tasks with easily and quickly through all mobile devices and desktop computers.


Before you even start assembling a team to redesign the existing website, you have to sit down and think about your goals. What goal would you want to achieve with your website? Improve web design, create more sales, you have to make the site more responsive and creative.

We suggest that you write down each of your goals and make a list for your web development team. This will help them take account of your requirements during the development of your site.

Analytics and SEO

Most websites don’t even think about paying for an experienced SEO analyst. Moreover, a few companies stay silent about this because there aren’t any specialists on their team. However, having an SEO specialist is an important point of your web project.

Having your website’s internal SEO optimization will increase your site’s overall traffic. This helps increase site traffic, allowing your site to be visible to the billions of people surfing on the web every day.


Think about finances before redesigning your existing website. For a standard redesign, it will cost around $500-$2000. But if you’re changing your site for an enterprise-level project, it will be about $5,000-$22,000. The cost of your site will usually depend on how much features you want to be added to your site.

Development Time

Every project has a beginning and an end date. To redesign existing website, you’ll go through multiple development phases throughout the process. For instance, you’ll have to focus on writing the technical requirements, code, testing, design, etc.

Even large company websites such as Amazon tend to follow these steps. Otherwise, your website won’t be completed on time. Each project can be separated into short and long tasks. For shorter projects, they don’t require that much effort and can be completed in 2-3 weeks. However, longer projects can take about 3-6 months of professional web development.


Your website’s redesign process depends on how well you can plan, organize, lead, and control your project. The reason why Adlava was able to redesign the Caesar’s Wellness Program site is through direct communication and creating a design strategy that fits the company’s goals.

Thus, make sure that you take control over the website redesign process. This will help you decide on what features need to be implemented and if the design quality is up to par with your targeted audience.


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