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Infographics Are A New Boost To Content Marketing Strategy

Date published: March 31, 2020
Last updated: March 31, 2020

Ever wondered how you can deliver the message without saying too many words to the readers? Don't worry, you can do that with the help of infographics, which is especially powerful in content marketing.

Infographics have the gift of saying a lot with just a few words. Infographics are a combination of two words which are Information and Graphic.

By adding these two aspects, you can create an awesome infographic that can deliver the message to the readers.

The importance of infographics

Credit: Fishbat

There are many advantages to infographics which make it easily one of the best options to convey your message out of all other content. The following are some reasons why it is so important to have in your C strategy:

The Engaging Narrative Behind the Infographic

Credit: Tech4pub

One of the most prominent aspects of infographics is the story behind an infographic. People may or may not remember everything when you tell them in text format, but when you tell them with an intriguing story with engaging images and pictures, it adds more value to the subject.

Another aspect is that people are more reciprocating toward images and pictures rather than text content. One main theory behind this is that the brain tends to remember more when the subject has a little story behind its imagery.

It's not unusual to see kids get excited when they see pictures. Picture language isn't a new thing. Cavemen used this language a lot to convey their message.

There are many advantages to infographics, Infographics can also impact SEO, but you need to know how to use this form of content to its fullest potential in different formats. When you correctly use them, they are probably the best way to convey your complicated data efficiently.

Anyhow, that's the importance of infographics. In the following, we will see how infographic marketing strategy has the edge over marketing strategies:

Infographics edge over other marketing strategies

There are many marketing strategies in the market. Every marketing strategy has its pros and cons, but it is up to us to decide which content we are trying to promote on the internet.

It is not always about which marketing strategy is beneficial to promote. It is always about what field you are good at. If you are good at infographic marketing, then some advantages are given below:

So easy to understand

An infographic is an easy way to describe your story. Sometimes even a complicated subject can be easily explained with the help of animations and gifs. The pictures, images, and animations make it more interesting to read the content for readers.

Has the ability to go viral on social media

You may have come across many infographics that are so entertaining, and also very informative at the same time. Due to this very reason, you may have shared it as well on your social media account. That's the power of an infographic.

Stats-friendly content

Sometimes telling your story with the numbers is very tough due to its complicated nature. Stats are very challenging to put in text format and make it understandable to the readers.

Infographics have the skill to put those transparently so that it is easily understood, especially with graphs, charts, and other bar diagrams.

Can accommodate different formats

There are many ways you can exhibit your content in infographics. Tools like Adobe Spark’s free infographic maker can let you build all sorts of rich media into your infographics. For instance, you can fit a table; you can fit stats, fit flow charts, fit the plain text, and you can provide a comparison of two or more things, etc.

Not time-consuming

This is one of the biggest influencing factors for readers. Readers want to get as much information as they can in less time. Take this Infographic as an example, As you can see it is delivering a lot of information in very less time. Below is one more that is really engaging:


Infographic Courtesy of Infobrandz


Call-to-action buttons are possibly the most that businesses care about. It very well fits the infographic. The call-to-action button is a chance where the company gets the information of the clients so that they can send their information about their business, and make them their clients.

A well-defined and appealing call to action draws people's attention. To grab this chance, you have to use the services of infographics.

Infographics potential in Content Marketing

As I mentioned earlier, infographics can go viral on the internet. We will see some advantages of infographics which they bring with them on social media platforms.

  • Boost social media engagement on the internet
  • Better viewership and authority on the content
  • Get more views, more clicks
  • Enhances your social media followers
  • Gripping & engaging way to market on social media
  • The best way to seize the attention on social media as attention span is low
  • The most powerful way to stay ahead of rivals on social media
  • Infographics can assist you in reaching more organic social users as they are shared with more people
  • Develop your domain & content authority on social media
  • Increase social media conversions and even sales
  • Fast & easily understandable on social media despite the high competition and content overload

Last Words

When you look deeper into infographics in content marketing, you may ask yourself why they are so successful. What is the beauty of these vertically elongated, rectangular-shaped, visual details?

Content with visuals catches 94 percent more views than text-only content. Visual elements, like infographics, are ideal to draw your audience's notice.

These graphics make it easier to process information, too. Humans can process visual content faster than written content.

Infographics tell a narrative. It's packed with facts and numbers.

People are drawn to visuals.

Infographics are easy to share and spread quickly, too. If people like the infographic and find it informative, they can immediately share it on social media. It allows others to view, like, comment, and share it.

A well-designed infographic can go a long way in terms of shares and publicity for your company.

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