How Infographics Can Improve Your Content Marketing Campaign?

We live in an informational era, the time when the lumps of data are literally snowing on our heads. Internet provides users with an incredible opportunity to get access to almost any type of material in a couple of minutes. Videos, books, articles and informational websites of all kinds make a real ocean of content. Of course, there is no need to highlight the benefits of this. At the same time, the mountains of texts and media we review every day change the way we perceive it. This is especially true for the marketing segment.

Indeed, when information is everywhere, users are more likely to review clear, short, and comprehensible pieces of it. It is hard to keep their attention for too long. Therefore, organization is everything. We believe that there is no better way to organize and present data (especially, when it comes to business purposes) than creating an infographic. You might say that infographics are something like a blast from the past, however, we hasten to let you know that this doesn’t make them any less efficient. Of course, we are talking about high-quality and professional ones, not a make-do-and-mend. In this article, we are going to come up with reasons why you should consider infographic as a part of your marketing campaign.

Infographic: what is it?

Infographics were popular a couple of years ago. It was a real wave of infographics. Bloggers, designers, marketers, and managers created thousands of them. To say the truth, the large amount really served infographics a dirty trick. There were so many low-quality and ugly ones that people started to avoid them at all costs. With time, the interest decreased. However, today, infographics are coming back. Software like Adobe Spark’s free infographic maker can create better infographics more quickly than older tools. No longer do marketers need the IT team’s help to create rich visual media. If you check Google statistics and see how the search volumes for the word “infographics” advanced, you will be surprised. In two years, they have increased for 800%. Sounds fascinating. It seems like the old trend is on the roll again. And as a marketer, you should hurry up and catch that wave.

Now, let’s make sense of this concept. Infographic is a mixture of visual and textual elements that provide analysis, instructions, or explanation. Usually, they are made in an appealing way and communicate complicated ideas in an easy-to-read and understandable form. When text, images and design are combined smartly, they create a sharable and interesting content.

Just think about it. Both text and pictures are great methods to communicate with your audience. While text provides analysis and explanations to the readers, pictures make it easier to grasp the data. When you combine these two mediums, you take the best advantages of both and diminish their weak points.

Infographics can be used in various purposes. For example, explanation of abstract information can be done by means of a well-designed infographic, which will certainly make it more readable. Also, any step-by-step guide can also be implemented in a form of infographic to help the readers understand the process easily. What about marketing? Indeed, they can help you attract and engage your clients.

Why do you need infographics?

A great look

When done professionally, infographics really strike. Remember, people really like images, beautiful design, stats, and figures. They are not only convincing, but attractive. When you combine such pieces of information with good-looking pictures, you receive a sharable content.

Viral potential

As we have mentioned in the previous point, good infographics are sharable. When they are not just good but really awesome, they have all chances to become viral content. People will gladly share them in social media because infographics usually look much better than regular text articles.

Easy to review

Did you know that we perceive visual information better than any other? Indeed, our eyes grasp the images and send the information right to our brain. Bright and well-made images are memorable and easy to observe.

Reach more audience

Text messages are rarely shared worldwide, while infographics have a perfect potential to do so, especially when you focus on the visual part more than textual.

Build brand awareness

You can use the colors and recognizable elements of your brand in an infographic to increase brand awareness. Of course, don’t forget to add your logo, too. Pictures are more memorable than slogans.

Can be located on any social platform

Again, due to the fact that infographics combine both pictures and text, they can be located on any website. You can cover Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Increase your traffic

If your infographic is really good-looking and appealing, users will click and share it gladly. No tricks needed! Just high quality and attractiveness.

Demonstrate reliability

To create an infographic, one has to do a research first. When you become a real expert of a subject and can express your thoughts in a laconic and clear manner, you demonstrate your position of a knowledgeable and well-versed person.

Improve SEO

When you create high-quality infographics, people automatically share, click the link and go to your website. The higher amount of users convinces Google that your website is reliable and your index in a ranking will improve. This way, the importance Google pace to your resource increases. As a result, it will have more chances to appear on the first page of search.

As you can see, infographics can bring numerous benefits to your marketing strategies. Just don’t forget the main rules of creating a really good one: make it look great and include interesting information. To do so, you will have to familiarize yourself with the subject and know how to use Photoshop. If you don’t, just don’t be shy to hire a designer and a subject-expert. Also, there are incredible online resources that allow you create infographics even if you don’t have any design skills. They don’t look very customized and unique, however, you can adjust them later. We are pretty sure that your users will appreciate a well-done infographic and chances are that some of them will become your new customers.