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What Makes Ahrefs The Most Popular and Powerful Tool for Today’s Marketers

Date published: October 21, 2020
Last updated: October 21, 2020

Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools that marketers and developers love to use. The software suite has everything that marketers require for link building, doing keyword research, running a site audit, doing competitor analysis, and rank tracking. Ahrefs was clearly developed to meet the requirements of marketing professionals.

In the early days of its launch in 2011, Ahrefs was used primarily for analyzing the backlinks of a site. Today the tool has a much wider scope of applications and can be used for effectively detecting the SEO health of a site and for analyzing the link profile of a website.

Looking to boost your SEO and get more traffic from search? You can do it for sure with Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. As a website owner, you get it for free. Simply verify your ownership and you are ready to go.

Ahrefs Released A New Free Product – Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Tracks Your SEO

Not getting the expected performance in search engines? The tools can scan your website and detect the common SEO issues that pulling down your rankings on SERPs. Also, it tells you how to deal with them and keeps an eye on the SEO health of your website.

Provides Backlinks Clarity

Not all backlinks are good. Some might damage your reputation. Ahrefs Webmaster tools browse the backlinks data provided by the backlink crawler and deliver actionable insights.

Find Keywords That Drives Traffic

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools reveals the keywords that are the best for your business. It also displays how you are faring in the search results. The SEO potential of your site is measured using actionable metrics such as search volume, traffic value, and keyword difficulty.

If you are not happy with the Google Search Console results and want a tool that can provide a deeper and more valuable analysis, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools can fit into that role. And you can enjoy its benefits for free! It's great news for website owners looking for a professional SEO tool minus the heavy investment.

A few pointers:
  • Use AWT on an unlimited number of websites (verified, of course!)
  • Get 5000 crawl credits per project per month (Conditions apply)
  • See all the backlinks of your website (Innumerable sorting and filtering options)
  • See all the keywords of your website

Ahrefs has emerged as one of the best tools present for finding out keyword rankings and is used extensively by marketers for conducting keyword research on Google, Amazon, and YouTube. Researchers have discovered that Ahrefs is a great way of finding blogs and articles pertaining to a specific topic that’s being shared on social sites.

In its current form, Ahrefs is popular with:
  • SMEs for managing the SEO of their websites
  • SEO agencies to manage accounts of multiple clients
  • SEO professional for managing the marketing efforts of their organization
  • Affiliate marketers for managing multiple sites with ease
  • SEO consultants to provide powerful and accurate advice to clients on their SEO strategy

Ahrefs Features:

Backlink Analysis

Ahrefs is synonymous with backlink analysis and it does an impressive job with this feature. It can come in handy in analyzing the backlinks of a competitor and also for finding toxic links pointing to your website.

The feature also finds the complete list of the dofollow backlinks of a site. This data is useful as it provides information about the pages that link to your competitor (and can hence also potentially link to you). The link profile will also give you an idea of why those links prefer that specific site.

Link Intersect:

This is another extremely useful but less popular feature of Ahrefs. It gives you details of all the sites linking to all of the sites you have put in the field provided. It shows why people have a tendency to link to a specific site. Marketing teams can leverage this information to entice them to link with your website as well.

Best By Links:

The Best by Links feature provides information about the pages on a site that has the maximum number of backlinks.

New Backlinks:

This feature tells you about the backlinks that have been linked to your or a competitor’s site recently. It can help identify new link building opportunities that can be quickly and effectively explored.

Lost Backlinks:

This is a list of links formerly connected to a site that have since moved away. The feature can be useful to reclaim a link that you valued highly.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

This is a must-have keyword research tool for all marketers. They love it because they can get enormous amounts of data on every keyword. And it is easy to use as well.

The keyword explorer not only provides the usual data about search volume and keyword competition but can also assist in choosing the right keyword for optimizing the SEO of your content. It can also help you make the best choice from different keywords. Apart from these, you can also find long-tail versions of your keyword and get more keyword ideas from the links in the sidebar.

Ahrefs Keyword Research for Search Engines:

The Ahrefs keyword tool allows users to search for keyword data on different search engines. If you want to do SEO for search engines other than Google, Ahrefs has you covered. At present, it supports Amazon, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and YouTube.

Organic Keywords and Search Traffic

This is a wonderful feature for finding out who is ranking and for which keywords. It works for nearly all domains and provides you the exact list of terms that they rank for. You can get a fair idea of what competitors are up to and how your site is faring in comparison. The real value of this feature comes from the list of keywords it provides for what your competitors are ranking for and gives you an accurate idea of how much traffic they are generating from each term.

Traffic Value:

The traffic value feature shows the value of all the traffic a website derives from a specific search. A high number denotes a greater value. This is an important feature as it connects value to the quality of traffic and not mere numbers. When the traffic value number is on an upward trend, it indicates a higher quality of search traffic which is a desirable metric for any website.

Content Explorer

The Content Explorer tool is valuable as it reveals the content that gets shared the most on social sites. After entering a keyword or topic in the Content Explorer, users get a list of all the articles that get shared extensively on social channels. You can sort by the shares on a specific channel that matters the most to you. You can also find republished content and get an idea about the kind of content that’s in demand for a specific subject.

Some of the other random Ahrefs features that can be of value to marketers are:

  • PPC
  • SEO site audits
  • Domain Comparison
  • Finding Competitors

The PPC feature reveals the ads that generate the most paid traffic for a site. It also provides details of the paid keywords and the top landing pages for these ads. Site audit feature provides a detailed technical analysis of all the pages of your website. The domain comparison feature gives you a list of names that ranks for the same terms.

Other Ahrefs Features:
  • Find Broken Links
  • Analysis of Anchor Text
  • Best by Links Growth
  • Batch Analysis
  • Guest Post Opportunities
  • Top Content

These features make your various marketing plans and tasks easy.


Ahrefs offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of features. Use these tools for deep and accurate research of various elements associated with marketing. The site has an updated backlink database that is way ahead of other similar tools in terms of utility and value.

The features are user-friendly – you can start using right away and understand how it works without having to involve an expert. And most importantly, Ahrefs fits within the budget of businesses of all types.

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