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AI and Content Marketing - What You Need to Know

Date published: August 28, 2017
Last updated: August 28, 2017

As we become more reliant on technology, our brains are slowly becoming rewired to process information differently. And this applies to customers as well.

Popular applications targeted towards consumers have led to the inevitable mass adoption of predictive, advanced technology, and these new technologies will soon upend the traditional methods of receiving, producing, and disseminating content.

Impact on Content Marketing Field

The question is - what does all this mean for content marketers?

Well, obviously, they would have to generate a large volume of content to fit the new status quo, but, at the same time, they can maintain a living creating such content.

Moreover, they are free to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like natural language processing, predictive analytics, and generation algorithms, for creating content more efficiently and making it work.

The human talent-AI interface can bring about impactful changes within the organization, especially when it comes to how content is used to realize business objectives.

A few of those changes include:

The Reduction of Production Expenses

Right now, AI is too expensive for generating pure content. So, what it can do is make high quality content more accessible to businesses. AI tools can now edit content better to create a shareable version instead of a rough draft.


Microtargeting involves capturing the attention of a particular marketing segment using messages that will likely resonate with them. It possible through AI. Use it to detect basic variables, such as the gender of people used as examples in articles.

AI will automatically change them to help you connect more directly with readers and gain more traffic for your website, making use of their interests and personal information.

Use machine learning to evaluate the possible reception of content, and meet the higher standards necessary for getting picked up by major channels.

Conduct Vital Research

Harness the true potential of AI technology to automate the understanding of content in such a way that the main ideas are carefully distilled, thereby offering new and promising avenues for content creation.

The importance of social media into your SEO strategy cannot be ignored. AI-powered tools can infuse a lot of power in your social media, keyword, and content marketing research. Quill is the perfect example; it’s a platform that promises to extract insights from data for your brand, with due focus on user intent and context.

Track the Outcome

Combine advanced machine learning with big data to accurately analyze the bottom-line effect of content marketing activities.

This is important because you now have direct evidence concerning the impact of different content lengths, topics, and voices.

Present this data to content creators so they can learn what the market wants.

The content marketing universe is beginning to feel the impacts of these changes. You too should jump aboard the bandwagon. Put AI to good use and keep up with the content marketing rules that keep on updating constantly.

The truth is - AI aids marketers in understanding the ever-evolving content marketing industry by helping them thoroughly understand the user intent and by analyzing user data more efficiently. But questions have been raised regarding the long-term impact of AI on the content marketing field.

Does AI Pose a Threat to Traditional Content Marketing?

The short answer is no.

What AI does is improve content marketing roles significantly. It does this by using machines to take on more time-consuming activities like content personalization, data analysis, and keyword research.

Allow your content marketing teams to utilize AI for improving throughput and increasing the workload they are able to handle on a regular basis. Let them focus more on optimizing and improving content strategies, instead of creating everything from the ground up.

The truth is, while AI can handle large chunks of data quickly, humans still form an essential aspect of the content creation process. We have not yet reached that stage where we can hand a computer a blank sheet of paper and tell it to create something on its own.

The most technology can do at the moment is gather relevant information and present it in a manner that is relevant. Writers will still have to come in to analyze the reports and add their own flair, context, and insights to the piece.

Think of AI as a sort of superpower – it does not make you obsolete; it simply increases your value, productivity, and efficiency.

Benefits of AI in the Field of Content Marketing

Thinking about implementing AI systems more in your daily processes? Well, that would only serve to make your content marketing efforts more personalized, productive, predictive, and performance-driven.


Read below:

Generate Content Automatically

Use AI to your advantage and create content for simple stories like sports reports and stock updates. This practice isn’t a new one.

Using machines to automatically generate content has been common for years, and companies like Fox and The Associated Press resort to this trend. Make the most of it!

Promote User Interaction through Chatbots

Wondering what chatbots are? Well, these AI-powered computer programs are meant to mimic conversations with a user. And they often do so with moderate success.

A great example is Facebook Messenger that uses chatbots to initiate quasi-conversations among the users and other services. In fact, these chatbots can be used for sending promotional content once the user interacts back. This enables them to respond to concerns and queries in real-time.

Companies like Uber also utilize chatbots so that users can request rides without powering up the apps. Streamline your customer support with the help of chatbots and provide users with all the relevant information they need almost instantly.

Build your own chatbots, and do away with time-consuming forms. Now your users can simply type what they need to ask.

Engage Your Visitors with Custom News

Customize the news feeds of your users. Show your visitors only the posts that capture their interest. All the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram do it.

However, this process involves analyzing numerous variables, which is impossible without the help of AI. Only when you rely on AI can you accurately predict posts that users will engage with.

Also, use algorithms for knowing the relevancy scores allotted to ads found in social media; this way you will present mainly those ads that have a high chance of drawing the user’s attention.

Make use of all this information to understand which advertisements your audience would click on. You can also use this data for creating your personal ads for Facebook.

Use Predictive Intelligence to Your Advantage

Predictive intelligence is something that increases the efficiency of your business. Utilize it to better understand individual customer needs and boost your overall SEO.

Incorporating video storytelling and making use of regression analysis is a great way to power up your content writing efforts. Also, you need to personalize content so that it meets their interests and requirements.

Lead scoring is also impacted by predictive intelligence since it enables marketers to hasten sales by accurately identifying the customers ripe for conversion. This is based upon their past history and behavior. Thus, it is not surprising that a new Gartner study found predictive lead scoring to benefit tech provider marketers by boosting their ROI significantly, even in the case of reduced lead volumes.

Match the right content with the right customers through the use of predictive intelligence.

Once you figure out where a particular user is along the buyer’s journey, use those details for targeting the content they have a greater chance of engaging with.

Moreover, once you get an idea about which content is being positively received by your audience, you can create more effective content in the future – content that offers improved results.

Devise a Strategic Customer Experience

Get to know your audience better through AI. The collected data enables you to develop and target dedicated, personalized pages that draw them in.

A personalized landing page, for instance, can be used to answer any question your visitor might have via the different elements on the landing page. Capture their interest so that they click on the Call-To-Action tab, and assist you in meeting your conversion target.

Experience Improved Marketing through AI

Make your visitors a priority, and ensure you meet their needs almost instantaneously. This is possible through the use of AI. How? Well, there are data algorithms that accumulate and generate content, making it easier for marketers to figure out which content will appeal to which section of the buyers, and which channels they will probably use at a specified time.

Make your users feel comfortable by building personalized experiences with AI, and increase their chances of buying what you’re offering.

Bigger content-focused enterprises have been employing a wide range of content-generating tools. But, it is only a matter of time before these become available to smaller companies. And, at that point, they will realize that simply knowing all the details doesn’t help; it is important to come up with an effective AI strategy too for implementing it within the structure of your business.

The thing is, every company needs to play to its strengths, and a one-size-fits-all AI strategy is never going to work. What you need is a smart, comprehensive content marketing plan – one that features a clear framework for developing and executing a winning strategy.

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