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With a background in Marketing and Human Resources, Jessica Stephenson passionately works at the intersection of content marketing and HR technology. She is Vice President of Marketing and Service Operations for ExactHire, a software firm that helps SMBs automate and improve the hiring process. She is also Director of Communications for IndySHRM, an Indianapolis chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. Outside of work, Jessica spends time with her husband and two kids, explores new recipes to satisfy her inner “foodie” and loves being outdoors.

It’s a job to look for a job, especially when a recruiter isn’t proactively sourcing you for your next opportunity in digital marketing. And depending on where you are in your career, that scenario may…
Alignment of your corporate brand and employment brand doesn't happen automatically. Here are four ways marketing and HR can make it happen.
4 Content Marketing Ideas for Talent Acquisition Dominance
Using content to onboard new employees and tell your organization's story gives them the best chance of successfully assimilating into your culture.
10 Strategies for Using Content to Onboard New Employees
Personalized employment content related to your company's hiring process has the power to increase the quantity (and quality) of job applications.
“Rinse and Repeat” Job Applicants via Employment Content
Convert job seekers into applicants with owned & shared media tailored for job seekers in the Consideration & Intent stages of the candidate journey.
Amp Up Applicant Sourcing With Owned And Shared Media
Convert job seekers into applicants by defining applicant personas & considering what type of content might initially attract them to an open position.
How Content Marketing Can Be Used to Attract Top Talent
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