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How To Hire The Right Workforce And Build A Fantastic Team

Date published: December 17, 2018
Last updated: December 17, 2018

In a world of unstable economies, shifting market trends and wavering customer expectations, employees remain your company’s backbone. A team of flexible, skilled and loyal employees not only helps you stay productive and efficient, but also offers you growth opportunities and supports you throughout the challenging times that are inevitable when running a business. But how can you manage the whole employment process? How can you be sure that a certain employee is a goldmine for your business and not someone that will cause liabilities in the future? Although recruiting personnel might sound like a gamble sometimes, there are a few ways to balance the odds and hire people who add value to your business.

Sometimes commitment matters more than experience

When you hire someone, you obviously want them to be qualified and highly skilled in their field, but sometimes looking at experience alone is not a good idea. If during the recruitment process you come across someone who only has one year or less of experience, but they seem really excited to learn and join your company, give them a chance. Taking them in for an internship or junior assistant job might sound counterproductive, but it will pay off in the long run, because they will appreciate the opportunity, gain experience and then they will prove to be invaluable assets. Job hoppers can have their positive qualities, but if you want to hire for the long run, make sure that you always search for someone committed to their careers and that is willing to work hard and passionately to reach their goals.

Sometimes, job hoppers are motivated only by a higher salary and they will most likely ditch your company as soon as they find a better-paying job.

Search for loyal employees in your recruitment process, because they will stick with your company for longer and will be able to contribute more to building a productive and potentially growing enterprise with you. Check their previous job duration and select the candidates who didn’t bounce from one job to another within three months.

Test their learning and analytical skills

When you try to find the perfect employees for your company, find different methods that test their learning and analytical skills, as these coordinates make a candidate incredibly employable. If you lack the methodologies that allow you to hire the perfect candidate based on these variables, make sure that they have a good hold on the skills described in their resumes. To check whether they have great analytical skills and a good capacity to accumulate information fast, just like you need in your company, you can ask them to pass a preliminary test. Sure, you want to hire a candidate that will perfectly fit into your team’s dynamics, but a good intellect is also important. If you want to hire an employee and you lack the necessary methods to test their aptitudes, make sure that hire a team of professional recruiters. Timesheet management software, which is also really useful for recruitment agencies, enables them to filter qualified candidates and create unified databases that streamline recruitment.

See if they are compatible with your existing teams

Yes, you want a great set of skills, but you also want to find employees that fit in perfectly with your team’s dynamics. Make sure that your candidate is sociable enough to interact appropriately with the rest of your employees and that they have good compatibility. To check this, ask them how are they managing their relations and interactions with their former colleagues, managers and clients. Keep in mind that an introvert worker isn’t bad for your business. However, one that doesn’t show tolerance, disrespects colleagues and abuses authority should be avoided. There isn’t a clear, tangible way of checking a candidate’s compatibility with your team and during this process you should count on your instincts. You know your team and their dynamics and if you feel that the candidate looks great on paper, but something simply doesn’t click, then you’re probably right.

Search for a candidate’s willingness to work with you, as the primary requirement and variable that makes them employable. When a candidate seems to interact poorly with their current managers or has a difficult time interacting with their clients, you should avoid hiring them. They will most likely have a difficult time in adjusting to your team’s dynamics.

Never stop improving your hiring process

If you’re not using the services of a professional recruitment agency, although you should, make sure that you never stop improving your recruitment process. Regardless of your company’s size and history on the market, make sure you follow these steps for a flawless recruitment process:

  • Avoid asking irrelevant questions and focus on getting relevant information about their skills, analyse their attitude, confidence levels, how much development potential they have.
  • Make sure that you always clearly state the necessary skills, education, experience in your job recruitment announcement. This will help you filter all applications and candidates and avoid any misunderstanding on what the job does and doesn’t require.
  • Involve others in the recruitment process and avoid doing everything on your own. Others may observe qualities in applicants that you don’t. They will also observe faults, so a complex team is better than a one-man job.

Hire interns and then select the right one for a permanent position

If you want to form and then hire your own workforce, then you should consider hiring interns and offering them a permanent job in the future. While some may disagree with this suggestion, it is beneficial for a series of reasons. First of all, you get to form them as employees in a way that is productive to you. If you’re a web developer, the intern gets to learn coding in your preferred language and framework. If you’re a hairdresser, the intern picks up your tried and tested hair cutting methods. Second, you will get to know their skills, strengths, weaknesses and abilities better than you would in a normal recruitment process.

Plus, hiring interns full time saves you from the stress of starting a new recruitment process from scratch.

Investigate their online presence

Not to be confused with online stalking, investigating a candidate’s online presence is a good trick to find out important things that can affect you personally as an employer. Look up the candidate’s name into Google and see what comes up. In most cases, it’s nothing to be concerned about, but if you land on their Twitter profile and see a lot of racist tweets and signs of hate speech, that’s a warning sign you can’t ignore. See what events they like to attend, what places they want to visit, if they get into unnecessary fights and debates, see how they handle conflict. This will help you avoid candidates that may appear professional during the interview, but that can be a negative presence at the workplace if hired.

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