How to Make a Killer Out Of Your Content Marketing by Being Creative

1One of the major misconceptions about content marketing is that marketers think there are certain ‘hacks’ that will create a stellar content marketing campaign. The truth could not be farther from this idea.

Content marketing is all about creativity, and since there are no hacks to become creative, there can be no hacks to boost your content marketing campaign. Marketers often make the mistake of resorting to formulaic content marketing strategies that flushes a lot of time, resources, and money of their company down the drain – because it doesn’t work like that. What worked for some other company may not work for you. Just like (hopefully) your company offers an individualistic brand, your business should create content and market it like no one else can.

Like every other creative field, content marketing is all about experimenting and failing. As a content marketer, you have to be able to face failure with your head held high. And if you are passionate enough to keep at it, you will succeed in delivering an exceptional content marketing strategy that will change the fortune of your organization. As a marketer myself, I cannot give you solid hacks that guarantee success- because that would be lying. I can only guide your creative energies in the right direction, so you can make the most of the talent you already have.

Here are a few tips on how you can make a killer out of your content marketing campaigns.

Focus on the creation process, not the result

Ask yourself this – are you doing content marketing because you love creating content and are passionate about marketing, or are you doing it for reasons other than the ones mentioned earlier?

If your answer is the latter, no one can help you, my dear friend. If you only focus on the end result without loving the entire process of content marketing, you are bound to resort to formulaic approaches, and that won’t prove good for anyone- neither your company nor you. But, if your answer is the former and you’re still failing – keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let your love for creating and marketing die due to the failures. It is only a matter of time before you will come up with a mind-blowing content marketing strategy.

When you focus on the work process and truly enjoy it, there is an intrinsic sense of motivation to work. You are not afraid to experiment and wander around unchartered territories. This is the very nature that will lead to gainingfinal success in your work. If you only focus on the result and want to rush towards it as soon as possible, you end up becoming a mechanical worker who works just for the sake of it. Now, this behavior could prove invaluable for some designations, but it is definitely not fit for content marketing.

Quality versus Quantity: Why not both?

This is the one debate that a lot of content marketers have regularly – do they specialize in giving quality or quantity? Well, all of them believe they are quality creators and look at the term ‘quantity’ in a derogatory sense. If that is the case, then why is there so much of garbage on the internet and not enough gold? The one thing content marketers have to bear in mind is that the dichotomy between quantity and quality doesn’t really exist.

Quantity comes under quality. This means that you only qualify as a quality content marketer if you create great content in large numbers. The dichotomy between the two has been created by gimmicky content marketers who looked at the term ‘quantity’ as an escape from working hard in creating quality work. It is time you realized that the audience wants quality material, and they want lots and lots of it. Give them both.

Be honest and expertized

If you are working for an organization and have to create material for them, you better know all the strings and chords of the products or services of that organization. Audiences only trust expert opinions, and no matter how much one tries to simulate being an expert, the difference between a poser and a true expert becomes quite evident from the tone of the writing and the actual content. Audiences value honesty and expertise, and they will stick with you only if you give them both. 


The one thing that content marketers have to get in their system is that creativity is a must in developing content marketing strategies, and creativity comes with discipline and work ethic. If you focus on creating something that you love with honesty and discipline, quality is bound to come. And with quality, success is only a matter of time. So, go and pamper your inner artist and create a killer content marketing strategy.

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