How To Use Content Marketing in Educational Sphere?

Digital content has turned into the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century because it helps people and organizations to raise awareness and attract new followers. Entrepreneurs know this very well as over 50% of small businesses already use content marketing to drive leads and conversions.

But the situation is not so bright in the educational sphere since many schools and colleges still don’t rely on digital content to promote their courses. They use outdated techniques and don’t follow the trends relevant to students and young scholars.

If you are wondering how to use content marketing in education, you should understand what makes it so important and learn a few basic ways to make use of it in everyday work. Our job is to help you with that, so keep reading to see all you need to know about content creation in the field of education.

Key Reasons to Invest In Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the phrases you can hear frequently both online and offline, but do you know why this concept is so popular these days? One study can answer the question briefly – content campaigns cost 62% less than traditional marketing but still generate three times as many leads.

But it’s not where the story ends because digital content in education can bring you a wide range of other benefits. We want to discuss only the fundamental reasons here:

  • Global accessibility: According to the 2019 reports, there are over 5 billion Internet users in the world today. This basically means that content marketing gives you the chance to address almost two-thirds of the global population.
  • Content solves problems: The most common reason why people browse the Internet and consume content is that they want to find practical solutions to everyday problems. For instance, educational content helps students to determine the quality of a writing agency. The same logic applies to all other types of education-related marketing.
  • Learning opportunities: Students and scholars often search for relevant content because they want to learn something.
  • It makes brand advocates: Content marketing goes two ways because you can expect users to share your posts on their social media accounts. It turns your fans into brand advocates while making them look smarter in the eyes of their followers.
  • Helps you to build authority: The last reason to use content marketing in education is extremely important – it helps you to build professional authority and attract more students or course participants.

5 Ways to Create Education-Related Content

Content marketing obviously has a tremendous impact on modern consumers, but do you know how to take advantage of it and promote your academic services? If the answer is no, you should check out the following tips:

1. Create an eye-pleasing website

What is the first place students want to visit while exploring your course, business, or institution? The answer is obvious – it is the official website of your organization. For this reason, the main rule of content marketing is to build an eye-pleasing website that inspires visitors to stick around longer.

First of all, a website has to be beautiful and user-friendly. Make it easy to navigate and respect the rules of mobile-friendliness.

Besides that, your site has to respond quickly and load pages within two or three seconds the most. Anything more than that chases people away, so don’t forget to test page load speed using a tool such as Pingdom.

2. Write amazing blog posts

A blog represents a major segment of every website. Studies prove that marketers who run blogs attract 55% more visitors to their websites than their non-blogging peers. Blogs are popular because they discuss practical problems and help readers to gain knowledge.

But in order to make an attractive blog, you need to keep it:

  • Educational
  • Data-rich
  • Entertaining

This is the only way to outperform competitors and grow the number of recurring readers. At the same time, you should try to write longer posts and discuss topics from all points of view.

One of our favorite educational blogs comes from Harvard University. For instance, their blog will give you a full list of precious tips if you are a foreigner at Harvard. The content is informative and highly relevant for people studying abroad, which is exactly what blogs should be.

3. Mind the content optimization

Creating educational content is one thing, but making it visible and discoverable in engine searches is something completely different. Namely, almost 95% of all traffic comes from Google and other engines, which is why optimization becomes a critical factor in contemporary marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses a broad scope of features, but keywords definitely represent the most important element in this equation. These are the words and phrases your audience is most likely to type in when searching for relevant content online.

You probably know at least a portion of keywords which matters the most to your target audience, but we recommend you to use research tools like Google Keyword Planner nevertheless. It enables you to identify the most relevant search terms and phrases, thus making it possible to precisely target verified leads.

4. Social networking is a must

Social platforms are yet another incredibly powerful channel of content promotion, so you absolutely have to add them to the digital marketing strategy. There are so many options to choose from, but the usual suspects include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

The largest networks have over three billion daily active users, so you can hardly miss any of your audience groups over there and with the help of Instagram algorithm it may become even easier.

TEDx Talks is one of our favorite educational channels on YouTube and a perfect example of how quality video content can make an impact on global audiences. This EdTech organization posts highly informative videos on a daily basis, which is what makes it so popular all over the world. Today, TEDx Talks has over 20 million YouTube subscribers.

5. Make use of email marketing

Way too many people believe email marketing is obsolete, but the truth is that email campaigns are still alive and kicking. Billions of users consider it to be the primary means of online communication, so you should make use of it to promote your school, college, or courses.

Quality content on your website should help you to grow the list of subscribers, while the only thing left for you is to come up with interesting newsletter topics and send them consistently week after week.

Our suggestion is to choose one day and send newsletters on that day each week. That way, you will get the audience used to receive fresh content and build a feeling of anticipation among loyal subscribers.


Content creation is an essential marketing tool that helps both individuals and organizations to promote their work, products, or services. The educational sphere is by no means an exception, which is why we discussed the following topics:

  • Why it is necessary to use content marketing in education
  • What are the basic tactics you must use to make your academic content relevant and interesting

Have you ever thought about creating your own content marketing strategy? Do you have any interesting ideas to share with our readers? If you do, please share it in comments – we would love to see it!

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