How to Maximize the Impact of Your Twitter Marketing

Twitter may not rival Facebook when it comes to popularity. However, it’s not a platform to overlook when it comes to marketing a business or its products. With more than 330 million active users monthly, Twitter is an important platform to include in a marketing strategy. Perhaps, what makes it a must-have communication tool for every business is the fact that half of Twitter users are likely to purchase the products of the brands they follow. It’s, therefore, not surprising that some people even buy Twitter followers to boost their popularity on this platform.

When a Twitter account has more followers, people see it as a credible brand. What’s more, a good number of followers on this platform help in distributing content wider and faster. And, followers are likely to share the content shared by the account that they follow if they like it. This increases the chances of the content that is shared by an account with more followers to become viral.

Essentially, Twitter is more than just an informal platform for communicating with prospects and customers. It can be used for marketing purposes and expanding the online visibility of a brand. Research has even shown that SMEs can viably use Twitter as a marketing tool. But, how do you maximize the impact of Twitter marketing? Here are some of the most effective ways to maximize the impact of Twitter marketing.

Turn Your Potential Customers into Followers

Being a micro-blogging platform, Twitter can be a lead-generation powerhouse when tweets convey the right content aimed to engage target followers. Twitter can be used to connect with the target audience instantly, regardless of their location in the world. However, followers should be targeted. They should be the customers or prospects that a business wants to reach and engage with.

Twitter allows for simultaneous communication among multiple users. It provides an ample space where potential clients and customers can communicate openly. This gives brands a chance to turn potential clients and customers into followers. Once prospects and customers or clients become followers, brands can interact with them via regular tweets, contests, and polls.

To maximize the impact of Twitter marketing, a brand should post regularly and respond to concerns, comments, and feedbacks of customers and prospects.

Post Short and Simple Tweets

The treasure-limit for one tweet is 280 characters. Most people use their Smartphones to access Twitter. Therefore, keeping tweets crisp and concise is the best way to maximize your Twitter marketing impact.

Most Twitter users don’t have time to read long tweets. Most of them won’t be interested in your tweets if they look longer. As such, brands should post tweets with short links to direct their target followers to specific pages. These can include product launch pages, online stores, informative articles, and contest pages.

Twitter is an informal tool for communication. Therefore, brands can stretch tweets to include friendly emotions, subtle options, and humor. However, these should be included with the goal of the tweet in mind.

Content should also be appropriately structured with the right words to capture and hold the attention of a buyer. Videos and images can also be added to make tweets more appealing. Additionally, tweets should vary depending on the company, individual, or product. For instance, a business can tweet a product feature or a testimonial by an existing customer.

What’s more, brands should feature new content in their tweets. If the service or product of a company is associated with the current affairs, it should be tweeted immediately or according to the updates of an event.

Enhance Your Reach by Tweeting During the Rush Hours

Followers have minimal attention time within which they can notice a tweet. As such, brands should tweet during rush or peak hours. Most followers use Twitter during rush hours. That means Tweeting at this time increases the chances of reaching more followers with a tweet.

Most people use Twitter between 10 am and 12. Tweets that are posted at this time get more engagements. Additionally, Friday is a popular weekday. This is the day when tweets achieve maximum exposure.

Use the Right Hashtags to Boost Visibility

Businesses can use the right hashtags for promotion purposes by reaching their target audiences. That’s because they help Twitter to filter irrelevant tweets while connecting with the right or target audiences. Working with hashtags is not just fun. It also helps in driving the target audience and turning them into followers.

Using hashtags, Twitter users can join conversations on varied topics. Their use can also create a dialogue. People use hashtags to find relevant tweets. Thus, using hashtags in Tweets can make Twitter marketing more impactful.

Brands should find the most used hashtags that relate to their content and use them in their tweets. This will enable brands to achieve their marketing goals and connect with more followers. Nevertheless, brands should use hashtags that the existing followers can relate to. Hashtags that can also bring new followers can be incorporated in Tweets.

Gain Followers by Participating in On-going Conversations

Generating content continuously and publishing fresh tweets can enhance interaction and engagement with potential customers. However, brands should participate in conversations about trending topics. They should actively participate in conversations and encourage users to express their views. Brands can use relevant hashtags to identify trending topics for the interest of their businesses and followers.

The Bottom Line

Twitter is a great tool that businesses can use for marketing purposes. But, maximizing the impact of Twitter marketing entails more than just getting more followers. A brand should come up with a Twitter content strategy that will ensure continued engagement and interaction with the target market. It’s by creating and tweeting carefully targeted content that a brand can enhance organic engagement and communication with targeted followers via attractive and meaningful tweets. Using the right hashtags, tweeting during the rush hours, and joining the on-going conversation on relevant topics are some of the ways brands can maximize the impact of their Twitter marketing efforts.