How We Can Digitize Our Old Business Rubber Stamp Using Photoshop?

Creating Digital Stamp from the good old Rubber Stamp is a breeze. However, it is important to use applications such as Photoshop to accomplish the task. There are certain steps that are necessary to perform in a systematic manner, some of which are as follows:

Rectangular shape:

To start with, people should create a stamp with the business address. The total size of the product should be according to the requirements and specifications of the users. Generally, a stamp of dimensions 66*45mm is sufficient to advertise the business in an effective way.

To get perfect resolution, users must set up a configuration of 1200 pixels per inch. PDF print template is downloaded onto the system and the settings should be adjusted right in the page options’ dialog box.

Use the Old Rubber Stamp:

After downloading the file, create a text box with the available tools. It is essential to enter the message with the type tool. One of the best methods is to open the illustrator, copy the text, and click on the edit button to invoke the paste link. Once the process is completed, press the paste as shape layers button.

Step 3:

In the next step, create another text box and enter the address into the mix. You can select the desired font to accomplish the job. In addition, one can type the address of their website in the third text box. In order to switch to the desired mode, click on the edit menu and select the free transform option and perform the rotation task.

Step 4:

It is important to add a nice frame to the stamp to make it aesthetically appealing and similar to the Old Rubber Stamp. You can create a new brush in Photoshop but it cannot be saved in paths. You can add a new text box and enter in lots of periods with track figures and set it to 5. That will help to keep the dots separated and duplicate the layers to make the figure more attractive. It is vital to right click on the layer in the layer panel and move the same to the bottom of the stamp.

Step 5:

Once the rubber stamp design is completed, you can cover the text layers to paths. Select all the layers in the layer panel, right click on the same, and choose Convert to shape from the context menu.

Step 6:

Transform the image mode to Bitmap by clicking on the image menu and mode sub menu to select the Bitmap option. After the process is completed, save the customized rubber stamp file in the EPS format.

To digitize the round rubbers stamp shape, you should use the following methods:

Step 1:

In the following example, for sake of simplicity, a 50*50mm wooden option is selected. To start with, download the photo shop template and use the gray scale resolution.

Create a border on the Photo shop file in the form of a round shape. A new layer is added in at the layer panel. To make a circle, select the Ellipse tool and set the Fill to 0 in the layers panel. Click on the fix symbol located at the bottom of the panel and select the Stroke button. By setting the parameter to 20px, it is possible to make more than one circle. One should repeat the process to reduce the thickness to 13px.

Step 2:

It is also possible to hide the layer with the help of the template by selecting the little eye icon located in the layers panel. One should also make sure to add the Logo into the mix.

Step 3:

The next step is to create a rounded text for the digital stamp. It is vital to create another circle with the Ellipse tool as done in step 1. Afterwards, select the Type tool and click on the circle. Users should enter the information in the area and the text will curve automatically. Once the process is completed, delete the circle shape layer situated underneath the text layer.

Navigate to the layer palettes and click on the adjustment layer button to create a new layer. Fill the structure to enhance the resolution of the image.

Inside the pattern fill dialog box, people can invoke thumbnail images to enhance the complete array of the palettes. After the Artist surfaces pattern is set, one may like to select the Washed Water color paper for the fill pattern. In order to complete the task, click on the ok button.

Step 4:

Adding poster size adjustment is a wonderful proposition for the business. The digital stamp is a perfect tool to advertise the promotion of products and services of the company. One needs to open the adjustment panel and include a poster size option to the mix. The level is set to 6 to provide a grainier appearance to the users.

Step 5:

Magic wand selection is accomplished with the help of required tool. However, make sure to choose gray color from the composite layer. Sometimes, users like to change the sample size of the digital stamp from the tools option.

Once the layers become invisible, the layer associated with the stamp graphic becomes active. It makes the virtual stamp more surreal and goes a long way in transforming the business fortunes of the organization.

Step 6:

Adding color over lay style is the next step in the process. Stamp graphic provides a grungy appearance to the users but the color should be changed to suit the style of the company. You can double click on a blank area on the layer to invoke layer style dialog boxes. To apply the color for the settings, it is important to use the blending mode parameter to vivid light option. In addition, the opacity should be 100% and the color settings should be set to fade red alternative.

Step 7:

Including inner glow style helps to soften up the edge style and make the stamp impressive. One should toggle the check box in the Photoshop for inner glow.